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I wrote a post yesterday about our morning at the park and the amazing trampoline they have up there. I took quite a few photographs but this one is my favourite so I kept it back for Living Arrows this week. Lucas was jumping away but straight up and down like a beanpole so I told him to throw his arms and legs out like a star; he only did it a couple of times and I love how his hair flies out around him. It was so much fun!

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Trampoline 4

It’s been a little while since I’ve done an ordinary moments post which is strange as we have so many of them but this one is an ordinary moment that we don’t do as much as I’d like. When it was just me and Lucas nearly every day we would visit the park; we’d go as early as we could so that no one was around and he’d have it all to himself. Afterwards we would go and feed ducks or look for squirrels and run down the big hill. Since having the twins and Lucas starting nursery we haven’t been able to do this very often so it is quite a special ordinary moment.

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garden picnic

We do love our little garden; it is our own outdoor space and over the years we’ve made it our own. I’ve written before about how it really is a labour of love, so many things were donated or gifted to us and we’ve worked on it all ourselves. Each year we try and add a little more to it and it is turning out to be a lovely area for the boys. They have everything they could ever wish for in there, a slide, swing, sandpit, a flowerbed to call their own (dig up at every opportunity) a little playhouse and a mini table and chairs for their very own alfresco dining. Read more…

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Liverpool 5

For the longest time I would celebrate my birthdays just like a big kid, counting down the days and waking up with excitement on the morning of my birthday. I’d always do something special with family or friends and it would be a great excuse for a fun get together. Somewhere around 27 the excitment stopped – that was the year I was pregnant with Lucas and since then birthdays just haven’t been the same. I always get more excited for the children’s birthday, planning their celebrations and seeing their faces light up when they open the perfect present!

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Nature's Day

I always get excited when we add to the boys’ book collection. I spend so long trying to hunt out the perfect books for them and I stay for longer at the children’s section in bookshops than they do. Luckily all my boys love to read books; we have always made sure we read to them regularly and keep the bookshelves well stocked.

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Living Arrows 29

This little guy had his last day at pre-school yesterday. I was a little emotional collecting him and seeing him coming running out of the doors for the last time. It’s the start of an exciting time as I know we have the whole of the summer to spend together and yet it’s a little sad as he is saying goodbye to some friends he won’t be seeing come September and some fantastic teachers and teaching assistants who have been there for him all year.

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When Sept Comes When September comes I know it will be hard. The actual day that Lucas starts school isn’t that scary; we’ve been going there nearly everyday for the last year. Every afternoon we have walked to the school gates and he has gone into nursery without a care. He has enjoyed it, he has made friends and already become a part of that school community. I have no worries about the school as I know it is the right place for him. Read more…

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Brothers July 5

Today I’m sharing a few photographs of my boys, the three of them together for Siblings which is hosted by the fabulous Dear Beautiful and five other brilliant bloggers. I’ve been reading their Siblings post for so long and have dreamed of joining in but managing to capture my three boys, all together, was a little challenging. However, now they are all getting a little older I noticed that my camera and phone were filling up nicely with photos of all three of them together so this seemed the perfect time to leap in and take up the challenge. Read more…

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Another week has passed and Living Arrows is here (a little later than planned). The time seems to be getting away from me at the moment; I don’t know what is keeping me away from the computer, maybe it’s the sunshine or just this hectic time of year but it’s getting harder and harder to sit at the desk on focus on the screen.

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Photobox 1

When I was asked to think about my most valued possessions so many things ran through my head. Obviously my family, I’m not quite sure they are a possession and I couldn’t really place a monetary value on them but my husband, my three boys – my little family means everything to me and they are definitely what I value most in this world.

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