Dear Boo

You are now eighteen months old, a big milestone for us all and it has really crept up. I wonder where the time has gone as I still have such strong memories of holding you when you were tiny. However, I love how much fun you are at this age, so inquisitive and always learning new things. The world is full of things that amaze and delight you and it is amazing to watch you explore.

You are such a little character, a little shy and quiet but also so full of mischief and stubbornness. If you want to do something you are determined to do it and nothing we say will stop you. We have had the odd full on tantrum when you throw your self to the floor but as this just makes us laugh they don’t last long. You always like company and don’t often like to play on your own, you will often stop what you are doing to come up and sit on our knees or go up to people with your hands up to be lifted; you definitely love the cuddles.

Certain things really make you chuckle and your giggles are just uncontrollable! It can be the strangest thing that sets you off but once you get going it is the best sound. Whenever Twirlywoos comes on you dance in circles around the room before cuddling up next to me to watch it. One of your favourite tricks is to walk around backwards, giving us a cheeky grin and giggling when you bump into us.

You are also vehicle obssessed, anything will do but you are particularly drawn to lorries and car transporters. We have quite a large toy car collection but you have certain ones that you have to carry round with you and if you see Bear with one of them you will sidle up to him with another toy to swap, you drop it in his knee and as soon as he’s spotted it you grab the one you really wanted. I’m sure he knows exactly what you are doing but he is quite willing to indulge you.

Your favourtie word is ‘gone’ everything is ‘gone’, when a programme finishes or when Daddy goes to work, when you’ve finished your food or if you’ve thrown a toy, you say it over and over. You’ve also learnt tractor this week which you are enjoying showing off and we get a ‘Nanu-Nanu’ for the Fire Engine.

Nearly every day this week we have been in the garden which makes you so happy. I have to watch you as you keep trying to walk down the slide, or I find you picking up the flower pots and swishing your hand around the bird food. I can’t help but smile when I see you out there as you just want to learn about everything and I think you have finally realised that the soil is not for eating!

You love your food and you love your sleep. You will try any food that is put in front of you and if you don’t like it I know you really don’t as you wouldn’t let it go to waste otherwise. If we have a packet of something open you fit as much as you can into your hands before it is safe to eat it. You sleep so well…as long as Bear is sleeping next to you. If we put you up for a nap without him you just will not settle but if he is there, even if he is chattering and shrieking you will be fast asleep, spread out in the cot next to him.

You really are so full of fun and you love to get stuck in and explore new things, in some ways you are so adventurous but in other ways you love your comforts. You always need to have someone there you can run back to and share things. You love to show us things and talk about them and we often get a little giggle from you if you catch our eye. At night before you go to bed you will grab my hand and put in on your cheek while smiling. I love to see your face light up when you grin and giggle. It makes me feel like the luckiest Mum alive to watch you having fun, my beautiful Boo.

All My Love



Boo 18 Months

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Dear Bear

Last weekend you turned 18 months, everytime I write these I say that the time has flown and you look so grown up but this time that seems especially true. This one is quite a big milestone, you are no longer considered a baby and you no longer look like one. The very best thing about this is that this age is just SO much fun, you make me laugh each and every day and your character just shines through in everything you do.

You are such a laid back little guy and you can be very confident but then there are times when you need reassurance and nothing will do except having me next to you. You are shy with new people and although I see you want to go up to them you usually hold off. You are so outgoing in so many ways but only when you feel comfortable with the situation. Loud noises really spook you and you have just started to cry when we put you to bed. It only lasts maybe 30 seconds and I know it is just a little protest that we are leaving you but it is heart breaking. When I come to check on you before bed you are usually curled up with your bum in the air, gripping onto Hoppity’s ears.

You have the cheekiest smile I have ever seen, cute dimples and a toothy grin. If something really excites you we are treated to a little elbow dance, at the moment it’s the racing car picture in your book and as soon as we say it you lift your elbows out and move them from side to side.

When we are out in the buggy now you will point at things and every now again we are spot the Fire Engine go past which is cause for great excitement. When you see a Fire Engine we say ‘Nee, Naw’ and you reply be clicking your tongue like a clock, I love that this is your version of the siren.  You love cars, any kind of vehicle really and most days all I hear from you is ‘car’. I find you in the kitchen sat on our little step running them up and down or lying on the floor just pushing a bus in front of you quite content.  You will happily play on your own or with you brothers and you don’t really get up to much mischief unless you are encouraged by another little person!

I have noticed that you are becoming a little more fussy with your food but I suspect it is just because you would rather eat biscuits and blueberries all day long. I handed over the fork to you a couple of weeks ago which I have been holding off doing but it did help, you finished your dinner quite happily when you were in charge.

Being able to go into the garden most days has opened a whole new world to you and as soon as you are dressed you want to get your shoes on and go out. You just never stop, always on your feet and you have started to do shuffley walks and tiptoe walks – just seeing what it feels like! I think you could spend the whole time on the slide and you were so proud of yourself when you mastered it. Swings however are a whole other story, you go into panic mode as soon as we put you in one. Like your older brother you love to be outdoors and this year it has been so nice to see you play out. You and Boo like to sit side by side in your red garden chairs, it just looks like you are pondering life as you sit there with a car in hand.

You are such a happy little boy and on the whole incredibly good, you will give toys back when we ask you and you will usually stop what you are doing when you are told off…I can’t say the same for your brothers! At night when you are sat with us having your bottle you grin and chatter away, bop along as we usually sing the Mickey Mouse song and push your nose forward when we ask for kisses. I can’t help but smile when I see you grin, it is the most beautiful sight and luckily we are graced with it often. You make every day fun, Bear.

All My Love



Bear 18 Months

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When we first found out we were having twins it changed so much, everything needs that little bit of extra planning when you are expecting two babies. Something we knew we would have to get ready for when they arrived was their bedroom. Our house is a three bedroom so we knew they would have to share; I wouldn’t have changed that even if we had the room to spare as they love to be close to each other but it does mean that we are a little short on space for them to play in.  My absolute dream would be to decorate their bedroom and then convert the loft into an attic playroom! The loft hatch is in their bedroom and how much fun would it be for them to have their very own playroom above them? Their bedroom is quite large but once we have two beds rather than cots there won’t be much extra room for them to play in.

At the moment the room is just plain with a few space stickers on the wall from when Lucas was in it. When he moved out into the smaller bedroom we decorated it all with lovely bright colours and car stickers and he loved it! It was so much fun to plan what to do with his room and it coincided to his move into a big boy bed so we are going to hold off on decorating the twins room until we can do the same.

Car Bedroom

This of course means all the more time for me to plan and shop around to see what I like. Planning a bedroom for twins is a little different as you have to use the space carefully but I like picking up little added extras from craft fairs and markets and I really love children’s bedrooms that are bold, colourful and quirky. Ikea is one of my favourite places to shop for children’s furniture as everything always seems so colourful. I love these toddler beds and as they are smaller than a single bed I’m sure we could fit two in easily.

Bedroom for Twins

Now onto the playroom: it would be fun to let this really be a space for the boys with all of their favourite things in there. I’m pretty sure that given the choice it would revolve around cars, planes or trains. I imagine it would be very light and airy which would be perfect for when they were playing but when it isn’t in use I would want to keep it cool with blinds. Looking around, Itzala has a fantastic choice of VELUX products that would work perfectly in a loft conversion. There is a great range of colours and styles and VELUX even have remote controlled blinds for if they are out of reach and you want to adjust them regularly. This would be ideal for a loft conversion as you could just pop up and click to shut them when it isn’t in use.

Blackout Blind

There is so much I could do with the extra space of a playroom and it would be fun not to have to worry about fitting in beds. For now that is just a dream but the planning of their big boy bedroom is fun and it won’t be long until we are ready to decorate their own room afresh!



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Me & Mine June 1


This month’s Me & Mine photographs were taken in our back garden which is kind of perfect for this month as we have spent most of our time in there. They are last minute…as usual and we managed to get Lucas to sit still by giving him an ice lolly that the twins were eager to share.

After teatime our garden is in full sunlight so I let the children out while we wait for Daddy to come home. Spending the hour before bedtime in the garden is so nice, me and my husband sit outside and chat while the children potter around. Yesterday evening my Mum and brother had popped round after work so we all sat outside and my mum very kindly took our pictures. I have discovered that if you put a picnic rug on the floor children will naturally gravitate towards it so it was fairly easy to keep them in one place, not so much to have them all looking at the camera!

This month has been a bit crazy, we seem to have been busy catching up with little things. We’ve been working on the garden to make it somewhere the boys can play out safely and it lovely to watch them together outside. Me and my husband went to a meeting at Lucas’ school for him starting in September which has just made me emotional all month. I’ve started going to Yoga which is fantastic and I really do love the time to myself but it is another evening I’m out the house. I feel like me and my husband are both so busy at the moment we aren’t really having chance to catch up so we are officially on the countdown to the summer holidays when we can all relax.

I’m so happy that we have managed to keep up our Me & Mine photos, it is getting a little easier but I would love to be more organised and plan our photos more. Still, I love these photographs as it is just us, just how we all look at the end of the day – the husband in his work clothes, kids with dinner stains on their t shirts and all looking slightly frazzled but happy.

Me & Mine June 4

Me & Mine June 3

Me & Mine June 2


dear beautiful

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Living Arrows 26


My view this weekend was mostly this…and it was brilliant! We didn’t have any big plans or anywhere too far to go so we took it easy. Our garden will keep these three entertained for hours, my mum bought them this little shell sandpit and it becoming the star of the show. All kinds of toys are getting dumped in there; little diggers, plastic dinosaurs alongside buckets and spades but even without all that they have fun just burying feet in the sand. The twins won’t step in the sand in bare feet which is why they still have their shoes on. I am still finding sand all over the house and I think they have pretty much emptied the whole thing onto the patio but it was worth it just to see the fun they had.

It’s amazing how the simplest of things bring them so much happiness.

Living Arrows

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This summer is quite an exciting one for me; since my weight loss I finally feel like I can truly embrace some summer fashion. It is nice to start shopping for clothes based on a style I would like to wear rather than something that covers me up. I remember feeling pretty miserable last year that I just didn’t feel comfortable in shorts and summer dresses but now I’m looking forward to stocking up my summer wardrobe.

My budget for clothes is pretty small these days and even when I do go shopping I always end up buying clothes for the boys and none for me. I want to build up my wardrobe and being practical I am trying to pick more items that can be worn in a few different outfits. It’s hard sometimes to choose the clothes that suit your shape and style rather than going for something just because it is on trend that season.

Here are my summer style picks from some of my favourite high street stores.

Summer Style

Sunglasses H & M £5.99

Black Tee from H & M £6.99

Orange Tee River Island £26.00

Print Tapered Trousers F&F £12.00

Coral Skirt New Look £19.99

Dunagrees New Look £24.99

Striped Vest – New Look £.8.99

Striped Dress – H&M £7.99

Birkenstock TK Maxx £24.99

I still have to be relatively practical as I walk on the school run everyday but I do like to dress nicely, especially when I don’t have to be covered up with a coat. I’ve gone for things that are mostly quite light and loose fitting so it keeps me cool. I always land on the more casual side of fashion anyway so this summer style reflects me.

I’m a massive wearer of stripes and black but I am trying to choose some more colourful items to mix into my wardrobe. I desperately need some new Birkenstocks, with all the walking I do these are a must buy for me this summer! The trousers from F&F I already own and they are super comfortable. I love that they can be dressed up or down; I will be buying more. The dungarees are something I have been lusting after since the spring and now the sun is out I will be getting some, much to my husbands horror.

I’m still trying to regain my own style based on what I actually like and now I feel more confident to choose something different. How about you, what are your go to clothes for summer?


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Boo Garden

When the twins came along me and my husband have made an effort to spend time alone with Lucas so he gets a chance to have our full attention. If we had only had one baby this would mean that we would also have had chance to give the youngest some extra one on one time but having twins means that actually this rarely happens. I wrote a post last year about keeping twins individuality and at the time I struggled to imagine a time when we would take them out separately but as they are getting older I can see such massive benefits of spending time with just one twin.

This last week Boo wasn’t napping for as long, or he would fall asleep in the pushchair before Bear and wake up as we got home. This meant he would be able to have me all to his self for half an hour or so. It was a nice day so I was putting the washing out while he pottered around the garden so when I had finished I sat on the grass with him and played and chatted. He was so cute and funny, it’s amazing how different they can both be when they don’t have to compete with each other. There are no little whinges or squabbles, Boo isn’t as independent as Bear so he kept bringing me toys to play with or came to sit on my knee and have a cuddle. He ran through the washing giggling when I shouted peekaboo and just seemed so calm and relaxed. He seems to need that time more than Bear who is more laid back. It was lovely and I saw a totally different side to him, he could really shine when it was just him.

It’s made me realise that I need to make an effort to do things with them individually. For the first year or so with twins it really is just about survival but it is getting easier all the time. I can start to make time for those extra things I couldn’t even envisage when I wrote my post last year. I don’t think we have ever gone out the house with only one twin but we’ve never had to. If I’m honest it would feel quite strange to go out with one and leave one at home but of course there will come a stage when that is inevitable. I want to find the balance between keeping them close as brothers and letting them have time to themselves and I think the key to it is stepping back and treating their relationship in a similar way to how I do between them and Lucas.

I can see that they need that time alone with one of us and I feel like I can see their personalities so much clearer when they are on their own. They will play together well but when I’m around they do tend to squabble, one wants to be the only one on my knee or the only one reading a book or sitting on the chair. Although I always tell them to share I guess that if there was only one of them they wouldn’t have to fight for my attention so much and they would have that time to just be themselves without wondering what the other one was up to.

Having spent a lovely sunny afternoon with Boo I now need to find time to do the same with Bear…and then with Lucas as well! Spending time with one can be just as important as time together as a family.

Boo Garden 3

Time with One

Let's Talk Mommy

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Living Arrows 25


This is what quite a lot of my photos look like when I come to download them onto my computer. Bear will make a beeline for the camera so I have to be quick if I want a photo of him. He is so full of fun and this week I’ve really been starting to see the differences in the twin’s personalities’. They are 18 months old at the end of this week which I can’t quite get my head around, they are inching closer to being two year olds and that just blows my mind! This age is quite special and I wish I could stop time for a little. They are still so full of wonder and innocence; old enough to explore independently and young enough to want you there to show them how.


Living Arrows

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Yoga Fitness


It’s been my intention for a while to start working more exercise into my week but carving out the time to do that can be difficult. Over the last year I have been gradually loosing weight and I’m down to what I think is a healthy size for me, but there are areas now that don’t need extra weight loss, just toning. I walk every day doing the school run which has helped massively but I really wanted to try something more challenging. There is so much to choose from but I’m not someone who can cope with a really intense exercise class, at least not at the moment, and the thought of spending hours in the gym just doesn’t interest me.

Instead I’m trying out Yoga: it is something I have been interested in for a while as I like the idea that it’s more than just exercise. One of my friends recommended it to me and not only does she look amazing but the way it has adjusted her outlook on life has appealed to me the most. The meditation, the history, the relaxation – it flows into everything and has helped with her own well-being. I think any busy parent can relate to feeling close to the edge somedays; there is so much going on each and every day, so much to remember and organise. I am a firm believer in finding time for yourself away from all. At the end of a busy day you need to recharge and focus on yourself to truly be the best parent you can be – happy Mum, happy children!

With all that in mind, last week I went to my very first class and absolutely loved it: it was everything I had hoped for. It usually takes place in an old mansion house that has been refurbished but as the weather was so nice our lesson was out in the gardens which I think made it even more engaging. There was something comforting about standing barefoot on the grass, feeling the breeze on you face and listening to the birds.

Before we did any kind of yoga movements we did a meditation exercise and that was probably the hardest thing for me; just to lie still and just focus on breathing can be difficult when you are on the go all day. There were definitely times when I felt focused but still found random thoughts popping into my head, all the little things, like what shopping we need or appointments for the week. I have been assured that over time I will learn to stop this and clearing the mind is something that needs to be practiced.

I love that the class is so relaxed, that there is a wide range of people there and it is a very welcoming environment. Everyone just takes it at their own pace and you can do as much or as little as you want to. The teacher also talks about the yoga principles and history which I enjoy.

It feels like this is just what I needed; anyone with children will know that those evening hours are precious. My children are usually all in bed by 7pm then I try to cram in all the little things I couldn’t get done in the day and still find time to chat to my husband or wind down and have some time to myself. I don’t always sleep very well quite simply because I can’t switch my mind off. Our lives are so busy now and filled with engagements everywhere we look. Also, everything is right at our fingertips so that we are constantly viewing or reading something new. I’m most looking forward to spending time away from all that, time when I can totally focus on myself. After the Yoga session I felt so chilled out that it seemed a shame to have to get in my car and drive. As time goes on I hope to be able to bring some of the relaxation techniques into my days and maybe before I go to sleep. I would of course like it to help tone my body but for now I’m just enjoying it.

I didn’t know what to expect before this class. Of course I had heard of Yoga but wasn’t really sure it would be for me. It would be so easy to dismiss it for being maybe too out there or hippy-ish but it didn’t feel at all like that. When you are actually doing Yoga it feels like it could just be you in the room. How often do you get a chance to totally focus on yourself for an hour? I’m looking forward to next week, to continuing learning more about Yoga and making it part of my week.


Beau Twins
Let's Talk Mommy

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Tee Shirts 3

I love it when the warmer months come around and I can start to dress the boys in summer clothes. It is great to put on a summer tee and go out without coats and extra layers however it can get a little frustrating when dressing boys as you are limited. The options are really only trousers or shorts, t-shirts or shirts and that is why I am always on the look out for clothes that have a different look or a cute design. House of Fraser asked us if I would like to try out some clothes from their children’s section so I had a browse through the website to see what caught my eye.

I was surprised to see so many big brands on there, I didn’t realise that they stocked clothes from Frugi, Joules, Polarn O. Pryet and I spent a very long time trying to choose just three t-shirts. They had so much that stood out to me and I had no problem finding clothes that looked different and eye-catching. In the end I went for name it T-shirt With A Diver for Lucas and and Benetton Boys Be Awesome T-Shirt for the twins.

I loved the design on the name it t-shirt, in fact I liked most of the ones I saw from this brand but this is the one that I thought Lucas would like the most (which he does). Apart from the fun design it is a fantastic quality and is also great value at just £6.00. It feels quite thick and soft and it is a slim fit which is perfect sizing for Lucas. I got it in 4-5 and it fits him comfortably. I wouldn’t hesitate in buying more from the brand for all the boys as I imagine they will wear very well and there is a good range to choose from.

Tee Shirts 2

Tee Shirts 7

The twin’s t-shirts from Benetton are possibly my favourite at the moment! I don’t always dress them alike but sometimes it is easier to get two of the same rather than trying to find co-ordinating clothes. I went for size 18-24 months as I always like to get clothes with growing room and they fit fine at the moment but will definitely last us all summer.

I love the vintage look to these t-shirts and the slogan is just perfect for the boys. I think they look super cute on and the fabric is lightweight which is great for the hot weather. The whole Benetton range has a really vintage feel which I like and they have some cool designs at the moment These t-shirts were £12.90 each but are actually on sale at the moment on the House of Fraser website.

Tee Shirts 8

Tee Shirts 1

Tee Shirts 4

Tee Shirts 5

Tee Shirts 6

Overall, shopping through the House of Fraser website was a great experience and I would definitely buy from them again when looking for children’s clothes. It isn’t a website I would have necessarily thought of checking when buying boys clothes but I can’t fault the range. I think they suit all styles and budgets and I’m sure there is something for everyone. I am very happy with the boys summer tees and I know they will look fantastic all summer!


Disclosure: I was sent three t-shirts from House Of Fraser for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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