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Hello! Welcome to Hayley From Home, read on if you want to know a little more about me and my family.

This blog was started in August 2012 on the very day I left my job to become a stay at home mum to my first son. He is at the very heart of my blog; from the beginning I wanted somewhere to record his childhood, the normal days and the grand adventures.

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In the same year Lucas turned two, just a few days after Christmas, we welcomed two beautiful twin boys into our family. They made us into the family we are today and never fail to brighten even the toughest parenting days.

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I keep on recording the boys as they grow with The Funny Things You Do and of course I write about family life, being a stay at home mum and all of our adventures. Yet, over time this blog has become a place for me, somewhere to write about things outside of Motherhood which is why I started A Little Bit Lately and A Year In Books.

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Over the years of blogging I’ve begun to realise that I am obsessive about taking photos, I love that they record our most special family moments and capture those memories forever. I don’t go anywhere without my phone or camera in hand and my children are well used to my requests for just one more photo. I take part in Living Arrows and Me & Mine to keep up with all the changes in our family. My sweet husband has become used to our life in photographs and you will often see him on my blog posts as I am the one behind the camera.

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Without a doubt, raising these three boys is the hardest thing I have ever done. I am constantly amazed by how they have changed my perspective on life, pushed me to be a better person and continue to challenge me everyday. They turned my world upside down but because of them my heart is full. We love doing the simplest of things together; anything outdoors makes us happy – picnics, puddle jumping and trips to see something new. Yet we love a cosy day in with books, popcorn and dens. They have taught me to appreciate the smallest moments, every day we could be making a precious memory.

This blog is all of that and a little bit of me too – Enjoy!

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August 19, 2013

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