1. I think that three day weekends are the way forward!! I remember your pirate post from last year and was determined to take the boys this year but we just couldn’t fit it in. Definitely next time!! Re the tiredness element, we do the same. The boys are wiped out come Fridays so we can cram too much in to the weekend because they need to rest. One day out and one day pottering seems to work x

    • I would so love a three day weekend, they get so tired in school don’t they? Would be great to have that extra day. The Pirates was good but it does get busy, worth it to see Lucas’ face when the boats were sailing around the dock! xx

  2. Looks amazing 🙂 ! I know what you mean about lazy weekends, the twins are usually really tired at weekends and so I feel bad doing too much. But if we stay in they go stir crazy! Lovely photos of your boys too xx

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