1. Kt

    Sounds like a great bucket list…similar to ours. Don’t forget….The new outdoor playframe at Southport near the carousel, Sefton park, Astley Hall and Gardens, the Ice Cream Farm near Chester, the Black Pearl ship at new Brighton….and “going to watch a cricket match” (?!!) Love summer! We’re also managing to go youth hostelling and glamping at some point. Sadly work gets in the way for me but I’m seeing it as four days a week off instead of three days a week in (don’t tell my boss!) K x

    • I don’t do cricket 😉 but James would be up for that one! Must remember to make it to the pirate ship at New Brighton this year and I’m writing down you other suggestions! Definitley four days off, those three days in work will be your chance to get ready for those fun four days xx

      • Kt

        Yep! And those three days allow me to use the parts of my brain which don’t usually require an absolutely immediate answer…A temporary rest from motherhood for which I am very grateful! I don’t do cricket either but I’ve kinda promised now oops! Xx

  2. I always forget about the little things we can do too but have remembered to stock up on the popcorn. We’re going to attempt Speke hall this time and go visit a farm too I think! I love your list. I may come back to it for inspiration 🙂

    • Speke Hall is so good, it is probably one of our favourite National Trust places and it’s only 20 mins from us. I bet Z would love it, I’m trying to write down all my ideas so I don’t run short 🙂

  3. It sounds like you are going to have the best summer – and I whole summer as a family?! JEALOUS! I cannot wait to hear all about it as the weeks go by x

  4. Sounds like you are going to have a lovely summer Hayley- what a lot of great ideas on your list. We haven’t made plans apart from a short break away to Portugal- we are going to see what happens and hopefully have lots of fun along the way. xx

  5. Sounds like you will all have a great Summer! We haven’t really planned any trips or days out yet but we have been enjoying the school holidays so far, it is so nice not having to rush around in the morning isn’t it?! We have been making the most of local events and playing in the park when the sun is out!

    Enjoy your camping trip! I am sure your boys will have a great time and the tent looks great 🙂 x

  6. Hurrah for your husband being a teacher and getting the whole summer together. We too are in the middle of Liverpool and Manchester, and do you know what we have never been to Crosby or Formby Beach, both I believe are beautiful. We love going to New Brighton in the early evening and having a stroll along the front and a bite to eat. Enjoy your camping trip, you will have so much fun x

    • Oh you must do them both this summer, we love them! There isn’t much else there, not like New Brighton but they are still great, I used to go to New Brighton as a child and it is so different now, I love taking the boys there xx

  7. Oh how lucky to have hubbie with you all summer – bliss! We are national trust members but are yet to try speke hall or tatton park yet. We spend many an afternoon in New Brighton!! Have you tried Ness Gardens? It’s really lovely there – we are so lucky to live in such an amazing place!!

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