1. Haha, my husband is the same Lorraine. He reads so much but I tried to get him to read Wuthering Heights and he had no clue what was happening, he had to give up! I think because I read it in school and they decoded it all for you it makes it easier to read. The BBC adaptation is well worth a watch though.

  2. Oo what an eclectic mix! Have always loved Jane Eyre and I like that TV is bringing us back to classic literature. I like the sound of Coghart too for my teen. Thanks for sharing this I’ll share it on our pages. #read415 #lovetoread

  3. Some great reads here Hayley. I love Jane Eyre too. I read it for the first time as part of my degree, and just fell in love with it. I must read it again soon! Cogheart sounds like something I’d also love. I’ve thought about picking up The Red Queen many times, but have fallen out of love with YA lately xx

    • You definitely have to be in the mood for YA, I’ve read loads this past month but when I picked Red Queen up earlier in the year just couldn’t get into it. I love how many people come back to read Jane Eyre, such a great book xx

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