1. Ah fab pile. I’ve not heard of all of them but I’m trying to read more this year. I’ve read the secret of nightingale wood (and then I tweeted the author about the ending )

  2. I love reading all these book posts if yours Hayley. I find them really inspiring and I know we have quite similar tastes. I would love to know what you think of “Go tell them on the watchtower”. I have a copy but I am a little bit scared of reading it as “To Kill a Mockingbird” is my favourite book. I hope you like it. Hugs Lucy xxxx

    • Thanks Lucy! I actually bought it for my husband for Christmas as To Kill A Mockingbird is on of his all time favourites too, he’s just finished it and said he liked it but you do have to treat it as almost a separate novel. You’ll have to let me know if you read any of these, I love a good book chat xxx

  3. Your book pile looks great, Hayley, but I must confess I haven’t read any of them:) Like you I prefer real books, I sometimes think I must be one of the only people left who hasn’t got a Kindle:) Look forward to hearing what you thought of these reads! Gailx

    • Thanks! I still use my Kindle a fair bit, I find it convenient to carry round with me as I can just read whatever I fancy at the time, but there is no way it would never replace real books for me xx

  4. You will have to let me know how you get on? I have just finished the Lyerbird by Cecelia Ahern it was fab. So now looking out for my next book, you will have to let me know how you get on x

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