Girls or Boys?

We are delighted to announce that we are expecting identical twin boys! I will be the lone woman in a family of men; we cannot wait to become a family of five and here is to lots of adventures with our three little boys.

Twin Pregnancy Diary – 16 weeks

This week is the week I have been waiting for; I have several important appointments and I’m hoping I’ll get to have a good chat about twin pregnancies. We are booked in for a 16 week scan at the hospital and we are hoping to be able to see my consultant afterwards. I’m quite anxious … [Read more…]

Our Special Duo – Twin Pregnancy

This pregnancy has taken me by surprise – not being pregnant; that was planned – but expecting twins was most definitely not planned or even expected. When the sonographer showed us that I am quite clearly carrying two little babies we were thrilled and speechless, then we were scared and anxious and now we swing between the … [Read more…]

Letting It Sink In

Yesterday I announced to you all our news that we are expecting two new additions to our family. We have had nearly a full week now to let the news sink in but I did a little writing when I came back from the scan just to get some things off my chest. So much … [Read more…]