The Movies {The Ordinary Moments}

  Anyone who knows me and my husband knows what massive film geeks we are. We have shelves and shelves in the house full of movies (greatly reduced since we’ve had children and discovered Netflix). Back in the day we went to the cinema at least once a week; we used to love going to … [Read more…]

At Home For Christmas Day

  It seems like a lifetime ago now, so much has happened since Christmas day but still we had such a lovely day that I couldn’t pass up the chance to write a little bit about it. This Christmas we had never expected to be at home as a family, our twin boys were due … [Read more…]

What Christmas Means To Me

  To me, Christmas has always been about family. There is so much I forget about the big day itself but I always remember being surrounded by family, whether it was just my Mum, Dad and brother or my Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles. Since I’ve been with my husband we’ve had Christmas dinner with his … [Read more…]

Halloween {Flashback Friday}

  We have had a quiet Halloween this year and we haven’t really started to do any dressing up with Lucas yet. Plenty of time for that though, especially when we have three boys, what fun we will have! I popped a few decorations up in the house, carved our pumpkins and painted and sparkled … [Read more…]

Mums In The Picture {Flashback Friday}

A quick Flashback Friday inspired by Dear Beautiful’s lovely post, Being In The Memories. Far too often Mums are left out the photos, usually because they are the ones taking them or they aren’t feeling quite confident enough to be captured on film. However, I’ve managed to hunt down a couple that are very special … [Read more…]