1. I love that quote and it’s definitely one to live by.
    I think it’s easy to compare your lives to others when you are a blogger. However, not everyone shows their true life and a lot of it is done “for the blog”. And that is important to remember 🙂
    Happy New Year xx

  2. I feel the same, at the beginning of our journey. LP is a proper little person now and Little Man should be out of nappies within a year or so – the world is our lobster! I think both your family and mine have an exciting year ahead, the children have the world at their feet and I am so excited to watch them make the most of it x

  3. i love your resolution, such a good way to look at things. You know, I have a five and an 18 month old, and I am finding it hard to get out too as I have to allow for nap times and the time it takes to get us all ready in the mornings! I keep telling myself this stage won’t last that long and to enjoy it while it does! But yes, let’s not compare! Happy new year! Xx

  4. You have really hit the nail on the head with that, you really can’t do it ask and half the time its the unrealistic expectations that put ourselves under is what makes us feel worse.

  5. ‘I need to be happy with where we are, enjoy our present and keep on making our family memories because actually, it is all pretty incredible.’ – I couldn’t agree more with this sentence Hayley! Happy New Year! xx

  6. I absolutely love this! What a great quote and I adore your post – I reckon you have fulfilled the moments you wanted to lovely lady! Thank you so much for linking up to #WellbeingWednesday xxxx

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