1. Aw big milestones indeed and I am glad it went well. LL has just turned three but I still very much see her as my baby still, she still seems so much like a baby to me. I am glad it went well in their new bed set up, such a big step. LL has been in a bed almost a year and still won’t use a duvet, she still sleeps like she is in a cot with no pillow or duvet- it’s very strange! xx

  2. Such a huge milestone. I remember being so emotional about it as saying bye to the cot signals boyhood. So glad to hear they loved it even if the duvet got banished, for now :). We’ve definitely been so much more chilled out with E. I wonder if you’re just a lot more relaxed with the second child/children. It sounds like big boy beds a re a bit hit though!

  3. From cot to bed is such a milestone, isn’t it? Like you, we really thought it through with our oldest, and were much more relaxed with our youngest. So glad it went smoothly and the boys are happy with the change. Beautiful photos x

  4. Hayley, it couldn’t have gone any better. Yay to the boys!! They did so well. My two would have seen it as an opportunity to cause complete and utter chaos. It would have been carnage in their rooms come the morning. And yes, I’m the same with my littlest … much more relaxed and less panicky about things than first time round. But now I worry that my eldest will feel with been too strict with him and too lenient with his brother. Always something to worry about, right?! 😉

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