1. Oh Hayley they look delicious! Bless poor Lucas I hope he starts to feel a little better soon. We seem to have someone sick every week in our house it is exhausting!! Enjoy your weekend x

    • I think we’ve gotten off quite lightly with illnesses over the last few months so they’re making up for it now! Just desperate for him to be back to normal, thank you lovely xx

  2. Oh no Hayley, so sorry to hear that they haven’t been well this week. I bet it really did feel like a long one – eeeek!
    The cakes look great and I bet it was fun. Glad things are on the up and hope the weekend was a good one x

  3. How are you all feeling now? Better, I hope. These germs are really lingering, aren’t they? It feels like we’ve been sick since Christmas. I go in to panic when the boys are ill. For someone who’s normally the epitome of calm, Paul has to stop me from looking up our doctor’s home address 😉

    • Haha, I know, I lose all reason when they are ill. I’m constantly thinking I should be doing more when really all they need is rest. We’ve been quite lucky with bugs the last few months but they’re certainly making up for it now! xx

  4. I hope Lucas get better soon Hayley, its awful seeing them poorly isn’t it? And do you know I ma exactly the same I seem to be in spring cleaning and clerking out mode at the moment, it makes you feel so much better when you have had a declutter x

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