Family {Point & Shoot}


This weekend we had plans to go and visit my Nana; the weather was gorgeous so it turned into one of those perfect days spent relaxing with family. I love how much Lucas enjoys being around them, he will happily potter and play, not a bit of trouble. There are extra hands available to help with the Arthur and Brandon (in fact I don’t even get a look in) and we get a chance to catch up with everyone. These days mean so much to me as it was how I was brought up; always around family, always going to get togethers. We are a close knit family and I honestly only have happy memories of these days. It’s important to me that these days will be special memories to my boys too, how could they not be as they are totally adored!







Family Collage


  1. Lovely to have everyone close by and being able to spend time with family in a relaxed atmosphere! hopping over via Point+Shoot!

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