Just Us Three {The Ordinary Moments}

Ordinary Moments

It won’t be long until we become a family of five rather than a family of three and alongside the excitement I can’t help but feel anxious about the changes to Lucas’ daily life. We always wanted to give him a brother or sister, he is such a happy little boy and I know it will be a big adjustment for him but I hope he will enjoy having two little baby brothers.

In the meantime I love for us to spend time as a family making sure he feels happy, secure and confident before all the changes. My husband had a week off work and it will probably be the last one before the twins arrive so I was determined to fit in a day when we could go out, away from the screens and the phones, and just enjoy giving Lucas all of our time and attention. Our only free day happened to be our wedding anniversary and we spent a perfect day in Liverpool visiting the new library and World Museum.

Ordinary Moments 2

Before we left we popped into the cafe for a cup of tea and a slice of cake; we chatted about what we had seen in the museum and felt in no rush to move on. It was so nice to have nowhere to be and to take everything at our own pace and best of all Lucas seemed to enjoy having us all to himself. We snapped a couple of pictures, shared cake and quite simply enjoyed being together. All too often we have distractions in our life or things to do and places to be, it was lovely to ignore the rest of the world and focus on just us three.





  1. I love those days when there’s no time pressures and you can just go at toddler time, it’s perfect, and you all look like you had a brilliant day.

  2. Lovely post Hayley. Its true we are often rushing about, on our phones, watching TV and moments pass us by. Sounds like you all had a super relaxed day in Liverpool & I think it is so sweet that Lucas shared in your anniversary.
    Great to see a photo of you & Lucas x

  3. Ah I do miss the days where I could go out with Cherry and give her my undivided attention, it is such a big chance for them when siblings come along and it took her a while to adjust. Now she is used to it but J has been such a nightmare with teething that he takes up so much of my time. It will be nice when he’s a bit older and I can leave him with Mr C while I take her out for some one on one time. Lovely pics xx

    • I’m not sure how Lucas will be but I can’t imagine it will be a smooth transition for him! We’ll have to see, I love seeing how you have all managed adding to your little families as everyone is different. Must be difficult for you and Cherry when J needs you so much at the moment but will be lovely when they are both older and running around together xx

  4. awww what a lovely post with some wonderful photos. it is so worth the effort of spending time with Lucas as a threesome and taking your time and enjoying not having to rush about and let it all be about him. It will be a massive change once the twins arrive but I am sure Lucas will make a wonderful big brother and still be just as happy as he is now
    good luck lovely x x

    • I really hope so, thanks Jenny. So hard to imagine how it will be but we had such a lovely day out together I’m just going to enjoy that for now. All you Mummy’s have added to your lovely families so I know it will be ok doesn’t stop me worrying about the changes! x

  5. I was so worried about this as well, I couldn’t imagine being a four (in your case five!) and I relished every single second with Mads before LL came along. But these babies just have a way of slotting in, now it feels like we never were a three at all. I bet that Lucas will be a wonderful big brother, and when the babies are here and you do have snatched moments with him alone, I can guarantee you will treasure them even more. xx

    • Thanks Katie, it’s nice to hear that others have been worried too. I can’t help but question if we’ve done the right thing sometimes but I loved growing up with my brother and I think my emotions are in overdrive anyway! If Lucas and his brothers are anything like your two have been it would be amazing x

  6. Ah how amazing to be pregnant with twins. I’m a twin and it’s just the most special bond ever. And I know that ur lil man will adore being a big brother to 2siblings, my elde siblings adored that they had me each haha!!. It’s such a different leap with twins. So exciting!! X

    • So reassuring to hear! I know it will all be ok but sometimes I think my hormones get the better of me. I’m so excited to be becoming a mum to twins but it will be a big change to us all x

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