1. This is exactly what goes through my mind. My two can run rings around me sometimes and it really is so easy to write off days but I force myself to stop, look at them and just get on the floor and roll around with them. It soon stops me from feeling so cross x

  2. What a beautiful post Hayley it made me get tears in my eyes. I think the kindness of strangers is sometimes just the best thing to happen, I always remember we were out at a restaurant a few months ago and the girls were eating and just generally being quite sweet. This lady came up to me and she said ‘I just want to say your children are an absolute credit to you, they are beautiful.’ She really made my day. It definitely makes you realise just how lucky you are. x

    • It’s so kind of people to come over and say something complimentary about your children, they don’t have to but it really does make you so happy! This lady definitely made me think twice xx

  3. Hi Hayley, I don’t think I have come across your blog before, but as I sat in a silent home (2 at school/1 visiting Nanny/1 napping!!) I thought I would take this opportunity to check you out.

    I read through your posts and was taken aback by your Keep Smiling post, which then led me to this post. I totally get it, I mean how you feel about the lady. I have one boy, 4years old and three girls, ages 10, 2 and 1 very rarely get positive comments in public…just the usual ‘oh you have your hands full’ ‘oh do you not have a TV?’ (yes a stranger actually said that to me!)when actually, my 4 monsters are the best behaved children EVER in public (I mean at home they can be horrid!) they always use their manners, always move out of the way for people, very rarely do their little fingers wander when ‘looking’ at stuff, they have never had a tantrum because I say no they cant have something. But yet no body ever comments on this….except for one lady last week in Iceland, we were at the till queing for some bread or something, Elsie was screaming and the others were stood nicely with me when they asked if they could go and stand at the end near the window, I said yes and they all asked the lady in front ”please could you squidge in a little please so we can get by” no prompts from me. She smiled at them and told them all ”of course seeing as you asked me so kindly” they passed her and she then turned to me, rocking the pram backwards and forwards like a mad woman to get Elsie to calm down (it didn’t work), she must have seen my frazzled look as she said something along the lines of ”Your doing a great job as a Mummy, what a lovely bunch of kids you have, impeccable manners and so well behaved” She then bent down to Elsie and rubbed her head ”they all scream and cry sometimes, don’t worry yourself about it” I thanked her and she left, and I started crying, the girl on the till looking at me gone out…

    • I cannot believe someone said to you, don’t you own a TV?! That is one of the rudest things ever!! Honestly, I nearly cry even thinking about this lady. I wish I could tell her how much it means to have someone say something nice to you when you are out trying your best. Your children sound so lovely, to be asking to get by politely and it is nice that someone has finally acknowledged that, I totally understand the tears! Thank you for your comment 🙂

  4. Oh huni, I can’t believe I missed this – I am so sorry. I can totally relate to this, when I have a bad morning I don’t need someone saying ‘you have your hands full’ I guess they don’t know what else to say. It’s such a blessing to have our children indeed, but some days it can get tough. I love this post and I am so glad your day ended up a happy one. You are an amazing mummy – never forget it! Thank you so much for linking up to #WellbeingWednesday xxxx

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