1. Aww bless him Hayley, he is so cute. Don’t beat yourself up, you have done nothing wrong. It’s s learning curve for all of us and we do the best job we can.
    You are doing a fantastic job with 3 beautiful children x

  2. My mum said one of the hardest bits of having two children, in the early days, wasn’t juggling everything and having to have eyes in the back of your head, it was trying to make sure that the first baby didn’t feel left out when the new baby arrived. When I was almost 1 my mum & dad took my brother (who was about 3) to Blackpool for a couple of days and I stayed back in Newcastle with my grandma & grandad. She felt as if the preceding year had been very much about me and she needed him to know that he was still massively massively important to her.

    Looks like you had a great time!



    • That is so true, it has been hard to get used to it all. It was nice of your parents to have a bit of special time with your brother, a baby is so much more in need of your attention I think it can be hard for them to understand! We had such a fun day together xx

  3. Aw it sounds like a perfect day out just the two of you- obviously i don’t have twins but I know how hard it is to get one on one time with your children, even with just two of them. These are the kind of moments he will remember for years to come. xx

  4. Oh that’s such a lovely post Hayley, and I know exactly what you mean about trying to find time for each child to get all the attention they need, it’s a bit of a juggling act with three but it sounds like you’ve got it figured out. Hopefully as he gets used to the baby brothers everything will even out a bit more.

  5. Those days are what make it all worthwhile 🙂
    I’m originally from Liverpool and your post has made me homesick! I LOVE Central Perk…though I envy you getting to sit on the orange sofa!! I;ve been countless times and have never managed to get near it lol xx

    • Ahh really?! I just love Liverpool and Central Perk, it was so quiet in there but they have opened another on Bold Street so I think that’s why we were able to nab the orange sofa…it was good! xx

  6. Ah Hayley, Jack was exactly like Lucas, very strong willed and confident and I only had him up until 5. But he is growing into such a chilled teen, and now I am so glad he has that confidence. Looks like you had a lovely day, great photos x

    • My husband said to me that he thinks he might be more chilled as he’s older, he’s just getting it all out the way now! Haha, I hope so! It’s nice that they keep that confidence too xx

  7. Aww bless glad you had fun! I bet it’s not easy with three so little, and I guess he often needs your attention but then the twins need to come first! Hard!! However you’re doing a great job and I am sure he will mellow a little soon. Then you’ll miss those crazy days!! Lovely post and fab photo’s xxx

    • I think you are right and he will mellow out, this age is just so much change and he can be so emotional. The twins are so much more laid back that he ever was, it’s funny to see the difference! xx

  8. Such lovely photographs. It looks like you had great fun. It is always lovely when you go out and the little ones are a complete delight to be around. Lucas sounds like a wonderful boy (even if he might be hard work sometimes). Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  9. We didn’t have the terrible two’s so much but the Threenager phase (and the 4’s) have come with a vengeance. Its like having a proper teen sometimes. You are doing an amazing job with all 3. JUST the one is difficult and you multiply that by 3 and there’s probably never much rest xx I have no idea how I’ll balance two 🙂

    • He is just like a proper teen, somedays I expect him to slam the door and storm off! Tas you will be fantastic with two, at least Z is that bit older so you can make time for both of them! xx

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