1. Oh gosh! I was impatient during Harry’s labour which was 15 hours so I imagine how frustrated you must have felt.
    I hated people knowing I was in labour because of the texts and phone calls, especially as afterwards people moaned at me that they didn’t get much sleep (my husband told them I was in labour….grrrr)
    Thank you for linking up, looking forward to next weeks post x

  2. My first labour, everyone knew I was in hospital being induced. It was a pain but nice that they wanted to know how we were. Second time, I told no one except my best friend who was watching my son. Much easier. 2 days in labour sounds really hard. Look forward to reading more next week.

  3. ooooh i have heard how long a back to back labour can be 🙁 must have been miserable having to go through it. i am already wondering how many more hours you had to ensure
    i look forward to reading next weeks update
    thank you for linking up x x

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