Today You Are Both One

Dear Bear & Boo

Quite unbelievably you are both one year old today. This year has been the fastest yet and I still remember you being tiny babies. I remember when we used to feed you both in bed during the night, side by side and you could lie on our knees you were so small. Now you are becoming proper little boys; crawling, nearly walking, always chattering, mostly giggling boys.

It’s been a crazy year but I can still remember going into hospital that morning twelve months ago knowing that it would be the day we met you. Not knowing what to expect for the c-section me and your Daddy waited anxiously on the ward and I remember it was so sunny, it was streaming in through the windows. It was well after noon when they took us down to theatre and as I walked into the room there was a buzz of people, double the staff to look after our twins. Not being able to feel anything I had no idea when you were out until I heard our doctor say ‘hello’ followed by a little cry, I let out half a breath as I waited again and a minute later heard exactly the same. You were both placed on my chest as you took it all in and I looked from one to another endlessly, taking in that your were mine. That moment seemed to last forever and I can’t remember anything else that was happening in the room. The following months have been a whirlwind and certainly challenging but I wouldn’t change a single moment of it.

I’m feeling quite emotional about your birthday; one years old is a big milestone and it starts a whole new and exciting year of your lives. I know how much fun this year brings, so much exploration and adventure. You are the busiest babies I have ever known and you just don’t sit still. As this year goes on and you get more independent I can only imagine the fun you are going to have, especially with each other by your side.

For your birthday we are just having a quiet family day in and as I write this it is snowing so it may be that your first birthday is a snowy one! There of course will be cake, balloons, candles and presents and your big brother is looking forward to singing Happy Birthday to you.

You have brought something to our family that we didn’t know we were missing and I am thankful every day for having such amazing children. Happy Birthday my munchkins, I hope you have a fantastic first birthday!

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All My Love




  1. What a year! Like you say it only feels like yesterday you brought them home. Cheeky pair they are & such a beautiful addition to your family. Happy Birthday Brandon & Arthur x

  2. Happy Birthday you beautiful pair! It has been a pleasure watching you grow through this blog and I appreciate the glimpses we get into your life together. They look so happy together x

  3. Happy birthday to Brandon and Arthur. I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating. Hayley, your little boys are gorgeous. They are so lovely and smiley. You must be so proud. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  4. I can’t believe I missed this! Happy belated birthday Brandon and Arthur. They are so so handsome.
    And well done Hayley for being such a good mummy, it’s clear from this post that you are fantastic xx

  5. I love this read. I have identical twin girls who will be 8 months this weekend and I am excited and nervous for their first birthdays. Time is flying by. So sweet. Your boys are handsome!

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