Twin Babies – Week Eight

Eight WeeksThese two are totally settled in now, to the point were it is hard to remember a time without them. As the weeks go on it’s lovely to start to get some interaction with them and we have plenty of smiles and gurgles. Is there anything better than a big grin when you suddenly appear in their eyeline? They seem desperate to get going, they are such wrigglers with legs and arms always on the go. Their little eyes follow us round the room and they constantly watch Lucas as he plays.  They are getting used to a fair bit of mauling from Lucas and he brings them toys and teddies; he likes to hug them and now they are getting bigger he needs to be reminded to be gentle with them.

We’ve had 8 week jabs and another weigh in and check up. My husband took them to have their vaccinations as Lucas wasn’t well and one of us had to stay home with him, I completely wussed out as I hate seeing them have their injections but apparently there was only a whimper out of the pair of them. Brandon is now heavier at 9lbs14 and Arthur is 9lbs11, feeding has been going well but I really can’t wait for the end of the ‘windy’ period. It’s so difficult dealing with wind with two babies when I only have one pair of hands! Some days they are just so unsettled and it’s such a shame to see them in pain as I feel like they’ll be so much happier when this stage passes.

Night times are much better now they are only feeding once in the wee hours and as a rule they go down really well and sleep. The only thing I dread is bath and bedtime, urgh it is a nightmare! We have a bedtime routine but it is a little manic as most nights we have two crying babies, the only time they stop is when they are placed in the water and then it resumes again when they come out. Every now and again we have an amazing evening when they are both quiet, happy, relaxed; I have no idea what is different about these nights! It’s trying to reach that point were they are hungry enough to want to have a good feed before bed but not too hungry that they are frantic. On top of that Lucas needs to be bathed and settled down and it’s hardly the most relaxing environment. To be fair they always go down fine after the feed but by that point I am ready to scream. We just keep plodding along hoping it will improve as they get older, I know it does; Lucas cried at every single bathtime for a good six months! Part of it is us still finding our feet with a new routine and making sure that Lucas is still feeling secure, sometimes it seems that there aren’t enough hours in the day!





  1. The boys are gorgeous. It does get easier. My two are now 9 months & although their needs change, they can entertain each other whilst I get on with other things. They love their bath and the post bath meltdowns are much less. My two were dinks and my little miss is only in 3-6 at 9 months with her brother in 6-9. I can’t believe they ever fitted in their tiny baby things though x

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