1. Totally agree! Brilliant advice and all so helpful. We had the Baby Jogger City Select (tandem) and although it was amazing for shopping with early on, I found it got very heavy. The only item I would add is a swing. We and two (both off eBay) and the twins loved them. Rocked them to sleep very often!! Jess x

  2. Had all of those items for my twins (the EXACT Boots bath supports – great aren’t they?). Started off with an inline pram/buggy/car seat system though.

    From my point of view, I’d also add a twin breast feeding cushion and double breast pump!! #MultipleMadness

  3. A great list!
    I wish those bath supports had existed when my twins were little! I learnt quite quickly that sitting in between their bouncers to bottle feed was by far the easiest way to feed them both.
    Thanks for linking up #multiplemadness

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