1. They are beautiful 🙂 Just ahhhh. Mine haven’t had a twin language but they are slightly behind others with their talking. I think they do develop their own ways of communicating. Lovely post Hayley and they are too cute xx

  2. They are just so gorgeous and I can’t believe they are 27 months, it seems like just yesterday you had announced you had them. It’s so cute that they seem to be doing things side by side in terms of milestones. It’s funny you say that having an older brother has made them feel older, for me it is the opposite. LL still feels so much more of a baby to me than Mads ever did at this age! xx

  3. Gosh Hayley — I can’t believe how grown up they are. I remember so clearly when they were born — that really doesn’t seem that long ago but LOOK!! They are little boys now — they don;t look very much smaller than my two!! I love listening to my boys — C is such a chatterbox and his grasp of language is amazing. B has been much slower to use ‘real’ words — even I don’t sometimes understand what he’s saying and will have to ask his twin!! Your boys — all three of them — are SO beautiful. Just like their mama xx

  4. Oh Hayley – just look at them. They are so delicious and I loved reading this despite not having twins. My sister has twin girls that are a similar age and it got me thinking about them. It must be fantastic being a twin and I cannot imagine what it is like looking exactly like someone else! It’s magic! x

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