1. Ah I loved having a playroom for the girls but now they have their own rooms. My dad is one of ten – 1 set of twins too. They all shared a terraced house in London. Crazy right? Maybe I’ll bundle them back in just to get the playroom back. I can’t wait for the summer too. More outdoor time. Great post lovely and some gorgeous ideas. Xxx

  2. That room with the windows looks absolutely fabulous – plenty of sun in the daytime, maybe a bit of rain drumming on the glass at night. Gorgeous.

    In reality, it would almost certainly become cluttered with baby stuff, in our house at least, but one can dream…

  3. Oh I would so love a playroom. Somewhere they can just roam free and not worry about having to pick up their toys all the time. That room looks so good, especially with all that light pouring in!

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