1. I LOVE the Wuthering Heights print! I might have to get that for my home. That book is the best. Your house is looking lovely. I’ve had some of those ikea shelves in white sat in our utility for over a year now!! It’s about time we put them up xxx

    • It is lovely isn’t it? I have had my eye on it for a while as Wuthering Heights is my favourite book, finally got round to ordering it. Get your ledges up!! I would LOVE to see what you’d do with them xx

  2. I love your picture ledges, I want to put some up on our upstairs landing to put a few pics on. I think it’s lovely to have a mixture of pictures and quotes and other things that make you smile.
    Love the first pic of your boys reading the book, gorgeous photo. xxx

    • Thanks Jo, they are one of those things I have wanted for so long but didn’t think my husband would get it. Surprisingly he really loves them but ours do need a bit of a spruce up now xx

  3. We have a couple of the Ikea picture ledges in our front room too. I remember what a pain in the arse it was to put them up. They are well worth it though, aren’t they? You’ve reminded a) that I need to update some of the photos and b) print out Caro’s fab print.

    Hope you share your updated ledges. 🙂 xx

    • I will share when they have had their mini makeover! Caro’s print is so lovely, I’ve had it saved for a while but my friend know’s how I put things off so she very kindly took it to a printers for me 🙂 xx

  4. I have been contemplating buy those Ikea shelves for my girls bedrooms to put some books on. I never even thought about putting them in the Living room with pics on. They look great! x

  5. Yours already look lovely, the pictures are gorgeous!! I have been trying to find somewhere to put these ledges too, but we have very little wall space. I knew that was a Caro print straightaway, it’s lovely and I also love the Wuthering Heights one. The idea of making seasonal changes to them us fab! Good luck with it lovely xxx

    • Ah thanks Lisa, it is hard to find the room for them. They do have little ones too but I really wanted to big ones so we could pile a whole load of stuff on them 🙂 Caro has the most lovely prints doesn’t she?! Gorgeous xx

  6. The frames and ledges are fab. I have so many photos in frames sitting in a drawer because the kids keep knocking them over, picture ledges would be a good idea! #HomeEtc

  7. Ah I love them. We have those in the girls room but they have their books on them. I think that having a little refresh of stuff on a shelf can honestly make it feel like a different house. These look gorgeous. x

  8. I love it Hayley – I have put 2 up in our home and they are SOOOO useful! I have wanted 2 in the lounge for ages as the wall looks terrible where I took down lots of pics, but the hubs isn’t feeling a DIY day right now haha

    Lovely x

  9. Aaah you printed it!!!! It looks fantastic sitting next to the other one!!!! Lovely 🙂 What a gorgeous selection of photos too — your boys are SO handsome. Love this post so much Hayley — I can’t wait to see the shelves again when you’ve finished them 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with Jess and me for #HomeEtc, we really appreciate it 🙂 xx

  10. Lovely Hayley! Really lovely. We have white ones and I almost have to stop myself buying more. It could get addictive putting happiness everywhere in my home! Those prints are just divine and I love the colours. I have a few little plants on mine and I love them xx

  11. Hayley I just love this idea, I have never ever thought of a picture shelf but it looks so so stylish. I might also pop over to The Twinkle Diaries for a free print for my new desk I want one that says blogger, is that sad? x

  12. I love these picture ledges, they’re so versatile. I’d love to get a couple once we actually finish all the structural stuff so we can eventually decorate, goodness knows when that will be! You have so many gorgeous photos to choose from X #HomeEtc

  13. The shelves look great – we have a few and I love how versatile they are! I have a similar conundrum to you in that I have LOADS of framed pictures ready to go up as a gallery wall, but I don’t have the guts to bang in the nails in case I don’t like the arrangement! They have been stacked up in the office for about a year now…. Becky #HomeEtc

    • Yeah we had a few up as a gallery wall but they are so hard to change around! I like these much more as I can just update them (if I get time!) when I fancy it. Gallery walls look so lovely but like you say, hard work knowing how to get it right! xx

  14. Oh they look great don’t they! The good thing about shelves like this is that you can rearrange them every now and again to change things up a bit. I use the top of a cupboard in the lounge a bit like that. I do have a few of these Ikea ledges under the bed but I haven’t put them up yet! Thanks for the shout out! LOVE that quote 🙂 xxx

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