1. Love these choices, especially the beds, I love that you want to do matching/unmatching, it is what we did with Addy and Deacon as they currently share xxx

  2. Those letter cushions are awesome! I actually spotted them in the shop the other week and it was only a glare from Paul which stopped me buying them. I love a bit of colour despite being a huge fan of grey, black and white … orange is my fave though as opposed to yellow, but the shelves are lovely!

    • Oh I just ordered the cushions online so I was made up when they came and were as lovely as I had hoped! I like your splashes of colour in the pictures of your home, always looks so cheerful!

  3. The yellow furniture is gorgeous. One of my favourite colours for a nursery! Especially against the monochrome of the letter cushions. This is going to be such a cute room, I can feel it!

  4. I love the beds that you chosen. I think it’s a great idea that the twins will have similar/coordinating but not identical beds/shelves etc. The bedding is cute too. We have Ikea bedding in the girls room and it has lasted well with what they throw at it!

  5. How exciting to have a big room to redecorate – even though it probably won’t feel like that as you’re doing it. I love the idea of a treasure shelf above their beds. So so sweet. Kids just love collecting things don’t they? Those cushions are fabulous! Can’t wait to see how it turns out! xx

    • Thanks Esther, I love doing the kids rooms so I’m looking forward to this one. Treasure shelves are just something I would have wanted as a kid, think they are lovely! xx

  6. Hayley these are beautiful, I love the co ordinating colours, and the car bedding. It is great how the boys will have their own unique colours too. And I cant wait to see Lucas’s room xxx

  7. It looks so good and it really goes together nicely too. I love those letter cushions, I didn’t realise George did ones like that. I’m going to have to pop in. Z would love the car bedding too! 🙂

  8. I love it all Hayley – in fact I need to follow you on Pinterest as I like ya style! I think those things would be great for any siblings sharing too as they are so versatile.

    The world map incident made me laugh out loud… after Megs going nuts this week over a white blouse that was “too white”, I can only imagine what happened! Can’t wait to see his room x

    • Oh gosh Mary, I can’t even tell you how many times I have conversations with Lucas about things like that! The map seems to have been accepted in the position I wanted it now but we’ll see, haha! xx

  9. Aaah HAYLEY!! I LOVE all these choices 🙂 Fabulous 🙂 We’ve got IKEA bedding for the boys and they’re SUCH good value. I think the pillow and duvet cover sets were something crazy like 8 quid!! Thanks so much for linking up with us darling — I hope you can join us again tomorrow from 6am on #HomeEtc

    • Thanks Caro, as soon as I get the photographs of Lucas’ room I’ll be linking up. It needs a good tidy already though, haha! Ikea bedding is such amazing value, I always check there first now xx

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