• I’m really enjoying The Book Thief but I am such a slow reader compared to how I used to devour books, hopefully I’ll have finished it by the time I’m doing my next update 🙂

  1. well done you for having some time away from social media snf blogging and yur laptop. i think it is good to have a break and then return with lots of new ideas and motivated again.
    i am sure you are ensuring that Lucas is making spoecial memories to look back on and treasure , i think the fact you worry about it means you are
    doing it (if that makes sense) x x

    • Absolutely, I get that! I think some days I just feel like all I say to him is no but I’m sure that I probably think it is worse than it is. It was nice to step away from technology for a bit on not have my phone glued to my hand all day xx

  2. I love Hart of Dixie, I’m still on season 1 so don’t tell me what happens. I will no doubt be watching Big Brother tomorrow, I like to see who is going into the house. I also watch Touch, The Middle (I’m only on season 2) & Big Bang Theory xx

    • My friend got me hooked on Hart of Dixie after she had warned me it was very cheesy! I haven’t heard of Touch but I love Big Bang Theory so much I don’t count that as crap tv, haha! Sometimes I just need it to switch off xx

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