1. Ah Hayley I am not an overly political person at all, but I have faith that no matter what happens, no matter how it want things will work out, we live in modern times. The ugliness of it all has made me so very sad, thats the worse of it. Next time I read a book I am going to refer to your reading list rather than Amazon as I always think ooh that sounds great and then forget, The Girl on the Train is great I really enjoyed it. I hope you are feeling more comfortable about it soon xx

    • Thanks Sarah, it’s so nice to hear other people being rational about it. The nastiness has been awful on both sides and I’m glad that within my group of friends I haven’t seen any of it. What a crazy world we live in at times! I just finished Girl on the Train last night and loved it, like everyone said I just couldn’t put it down! I can’t remember the last time I read a book so quickly 🙂 xx

  2. Well said Hayley. I woke up hugely saddened too. But I am trying to feel the hope going forward. Yes GOT has been amazing this season…the last 2 episodes have been the best things on TV in ages. Monday nights are going to be boring! 🙂 xx

  3. How do I not know about Leaf???!! I was in Liverpool the other week looking for somewhere for a cup of tea. Now I know where to go!! I’ve only just calmed down about the referendum. I think the result was atrocious and particularly the reasons why many seemed to vote to leave the EU. Never have I been more ashamed to be British.

    • Ooh Rachel, you would love Leaf!! It’s very trendy but totally Instagram-able, bloggers meet up? 😉 I had a headache for two days after the referendum just trying to sort my head out – I was actually really shocked and it’s scary going forward. Everytime I calm down there seems to be more to get worked up about!

  4. That cafe sounds amazing. I plan on visiting Richmond tea rooms soon. It’s meant to be really quirky and nice. The EU Brexit stuff has been all bleurgh and completely stunning hasn’t it? I haven’t been able to stop watching it but, as you say, it’s making me really worried for the future of my boys. Nothing seems to make one bit of sense about it. Oh my GoT!!! And I absolutely love the BBC pride and prejudice series. My mum and I must have watched it together about 6 times back when it came out 🙂

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