1. I love seeing you page layouts – I have not stuck to my journal religiously but like you said that is part of the beauty of them. They’re a great tool not only for organising but also to look back on to remind yourself of memories. I need to do my Sept layout – I am secretly excited for Autumn

  2. BookwormandTheatremouse

    This is a great post – it has really inspired me to pick my bullet journal back up and get organised. I have realised that I have missed it these last few months.

  3. Great post Hayley – love all your new spreads! I’m exactly like you and left my bullet journal completely unattended over the holidays. That’s one of the things I like best about it – you can fit it so well around what works best for you xx

  4. I love seeing other layouts (it’s proper stalker-like, but acceptable where bullet journals are concerned). I wish I had left more space at the beginning of my bullet journal for more master lists as I see so many to be inspired by… and now I can add a couple more.

  5. I love your bullet journal and I know it’s a private book but I would love to flick through it. I would never be disciplined enough to keep it up but I am slowly being tempted 🙂

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