1. Hayley I think it’s that time of year. For reflection and new beginnings. September does that to us all. A little time off to enjoy and get used to the new routine and him settling at school is a fab idea. You’ll be full of new ideas and motivation again soon. On your blog, well I think your blog is amazing. You really do speak from the heart and I LOVE reading it. It is perfect – and every post makes me feel warm inside as your writing is so touching. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing…you need to do it for you and enjoy it otherwise it gets tedious. Hope all goes well this week, and lovely photographs as always xxxxxx

  2. It is good to have a break, I have had quite a few lately and just been posting once a week. It can get too much can’t it even though I absolutely love it and find it therapeutic! In January one of my resolutions was to start crochet but who knew it would be this kind of year! One day I will. Enjoy a few relaxing Autumn days and evenings xxx

  3. I think it’s definitely that time of year Hayley, I feel the same. I have been finding it a real pressure to keep up with my blog recently and I find it all a bit tiresome. I have been taking a break really and not blogging or even turning the computer on in the evenings. I’ve been going to bed early, having warm baths and reading my book a lot more. It’s definitely a time of year where I feel a bit reflective and just need to take a step back to appreciate things a lot more. x

  4. I hope your little break from blogging treats you well. I’ve been very very absent this summer myself but sometimes it’s needed to make sure you are truly participating and appreciating life!

  5. I adore Autumn too! And I simply love winter. All the frost stops the sniffles – it tends to be drier than spring and summer and I just LOVE the colours when your out and about and the cool crisp mornings.
    Keep your chin up darling, you’re doing the right thing by Lucas and you’ll soon get into the swing of it again… in time for half term. 😉

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