1. LOVE those Staedler pens! I use them for bullet journaling and marking my students work! That magazine sounds like something I’d love. I picked up the Blogosphere magazine, not the most recent edition, the one before – but still haven’t read it! I’m terrible with magazines! I keep meaning to do a 5 under £5, I’ve found some great bargains lately! xx

    • It’s such a fun one to join in with. I never have the time to read magazines either, I’ve just stopped my subscription to Simple Things as I couldn’t read them all. I tend to borrow from friends now or we swap a few around. I’m so pleased with those pens and especially when I found them on offer 🙂 xx

  2. I will have to have a look out for Oh Comely magazine, I work next door to a great arty shop that stocks lots of independent mags like this so maybe they will have it. As you know from me tweeting you about it, I have that cat cushion too and it is ace! Cannot beat a trip to Ikea. Hang on though – you have five wire racks?!! Haha xx

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