1. I am trying to make changes to my wellbeing that I can continue with forever. I am slowly understanding food, nutrition and the way my body responds to certain food groups. Exercise is also something I struggle with but Yoga & walking are the two things I enjoy doing and they are also calming and not too high impact. I am never going to be a runner or a gym enthusiast but I do know that exercise is just as important for your mental wellbeing as it is your physical. I always recommend people try Yoga, its such a wonderful way of staying healthy.

    • I think your diet is amazing Vicki – you’ve made so many positive changes over the last few years and it shows. I’m feeling in a good frame of mind to go for it at the moment so just trying to make the most of it, loving yoga 🙂

  2. Yoga sounds so good. You always look amazing Hayley and I would never look at you and think you’re the big girl. Well done on making so many changes though. It’s not an easy thing to do! I have to admit I’ve never ever thought about it. I do need to do something though, I literally just run about after a baby and stuff my face. It’s so easy isn’t it? You wonder “am I hungry” and the reply is always “yes I AM hungry!” …or peckish at least. My vices are Pepsi and bread and I’m trying hard to cut out the Pepsi. I probably then need to switch to brown bread…bleurgh. And then more walks!

    • Thanks, I think you get a bit of a pass when you have a baby, there is no time for anything else and anyway Tas you always look great! I do like walking and yoga though, good for the mind as well as the body and all that! I don’t think I’ll ever be someone who could go to the gym!

  3. Kat Brown

    I really love Erin Motz’s yoga youtube videos she has a great ethos and a ‘realistic’ attitude towards yoga that I find really refreshing have a google of ‘Bad Yogi’. I think you’ll really like her X

  4. Hayley I can totally relate to this. I have done slimming world too to lose weight when I’ve needed to and have managed to stay near my target for a year or so. Then lately my weight has creeped up too and I am 8 pounds over target. I have been bad to sw for two weeks but have actually put on weight!! I need help!! You have inspired me to start yoga, i think when i move i will look for a class to do and hope my mum can babysit! xx PS you look amazing!!!

    • Thanks Jules, I really can’t recommend yoga enough, I think you’d like it. A great way to carve out a bit of time to unwind too. Argh, the weight is so annoying, like you, it doesn’t sound like much but I just feel like it needs to go! No one would know looking at you, you always look super glam 🙂 xx

  5. I have just read your other post from last year and huge well done on losing 3 stone Hayley. Everything about your post struck a chord with me. I really need to rejoin SW and stay to class each week, but something in my mind is stopping me. What I really don’t know. My mum swears by yoga for keeping not just her body in shape but also her mind. My 90 year old nan still did yoga up until she passed away last year. She used to totally put me to shame showing me some of her yoga moves x

    • That is amazing! That is what I love about yoga, anyone can do it regardless of age or shape. I agree with your mum about keeping your mind in shape too, it has been a real eye opener for me! Thanks so much Tracey, do you know I really believe there is no point signing up to SW and going for it until you are ready. Don’t do it if you’re not really feeling it – the right time will come and it will make all the difference. Like I said in my other post I think the biggest thing for me was not doing it for a big event or holiday, I just wanted to do it for me! xx

  6. I really miss Pilates but finding it so hard to get to class. Waste of gym membership. Might have to try online for yoga. Sounds like you re doing great and you look stunning – as always. You’ve inspired me lovely. Xx

  7. I’ve been trying to do the same thing. After baby #5 things are definitely needing to be put back into place and it’s just so hard to do with three under two! This week however though I have started a new routine and that includes me getting off my butt and working out by no later than 5:45am…I get up and 4:30-5:00am and usually just sit around drinking coffee ALL morning but with taking on new clients and getting back into the work groove I simply don’t have time for the mid day workout. So here’s to sticking to this plan for the rest of the week ( I hope). On a side note eating healthy I have a little extra incentive since I’m breastfeeding and little miss has a dairy intolerance. Hopefully I will continue once we wean her 🙂 anyway I’m rambling great post xo

  8. I’ve been trying to do more yoga too and whilst i do fall over (a lot) I do really enjoy it and come out feeling a lot better! You always look fab lovely but glad you feel happier too.

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