• Yes, you must buy it! I think you’ll love it Julia, let me know if you do read it. I’ve always quite fancied visiting Denmark too, she lives a little bit out in the sticks though so maybe somewhere with a bit more life 🙂 xx

  1. Hayley I love this post, it is all so true. Life is about being happy and appreciating every moment, I sometimes get so busy I forget that and have to remind myself to stop and chill! I am going to get this book, we are going to Copenhagen In November I am xo excited x

  2. Hayley! Just gone and bought this now on my Kindle and can’t wait to get started! I’ve been to Denmark and I honestly think it was kind of like heaven. I’m not even joking! I got a bit obsessed with their attitude and they way they live xx

  3. This make me want to be Danish too. I tend to find people on the continent are so much more laid back than us whilst we’re always rushing about and feeling stressed out with our schedules and all the things we must absolutely do (but things that don’t necessarily bring us much joy). I might add it to my kindle!

  4. I completely buy in to this. I love their simple philosophy and focus on wellbeing. And a real sense of family, too. It’s something I’m trying to focus on … enjoying the simple things, routines and rituals. I’d rate my happiness around an 8 on an average day so I think we’re doing pretty well x

  5. I love this post hayley and I love some of the things you have mentioned. I love the idea of living more simply, I think I might need to go and pick up a copy of the book. Thanks so much for the tip! xx

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