1. Hi Hayley,
    As kids my parents and my brother and I used to travel in the car a lot – we went on a lot of uk based holidays all over. My mum used to make us a ‘holiday pack’ we had colourful ‘car seat organisers’ (google it) and she used to put car friendly games, ispy books, colouring books, a new set of colouring pencils etc in there and we always had a brand new audio book to listen to. Our favorites were harry potter but also ‘his dark materials’ etc. I’d really recommend it for your trip. It really started the holiday off early for my brother and I.

    • That sounds amazing, how could I forget audio books?! We already have a few Roald Dahl ones so I’ll have to dig them out. Love the idea of the holiday pack and things in the car seat organisers, I’ll stock up on a few bits and have them ready to got, thanks Kat!

  2. YAY so pleased you’ve been enjoying more plant based meals and that Aine Carlin’s ‘Keep It Vegan‘ book has been so useful. I find her recipes varied and super tasty. John wants to watch The Handmaids Tale but you know how I feel about Sci-Fi so we will see.

    • It’s not really sci-fi, I think you’d like it. Very interesting in the current climate and so well done. Oh, that recipe book is just amazing! I find it so easy to follow and everything I’ve tried so far I’ve loved, thanks so much for recommending it and for all your vegan tips 🙂

  3. Love that you are enjoying the Magic Lessons podcast, Hayley, and thanks so much for mentioning me on here:) I haven’t seen (or read) The Handmaid’s Tale but I’ve heard lots of good things about the tv adaption. And definitely with the comment above on audiobooks for the kids on long journeys:) Your trip to France sounds amazing, I bet you can’t wait! xx

    • I’m going to dig out our audiobooks and see what we have – love a good audiobook. I just love listening to the podcasts, I wouldn’t have found them if it wasn’t for you so thank you. And The Handmaid’s Tale is well worth and watch and a read 🙂 xx

  4. How interesting about the vegan diet, I’m not sure we could but I love the way you are bringing it in. I hope you have the most amazing time in France, the kids will be fab and I am off to listen to some of your recommended podcasts. I am also loving handmaids tale!

  5. A pleasure, as always! I don’t think I can any more books to my ‘to read’ pile as I’m already over the quota! Might try the veggie idea though. Any vegetarian books you’d recommend?

    • Oh I have way too many books to read, I just can’t keep up!! The Keep It Vegan book is really good – I do think you could use most of the recipes anyway even if you’re not Vegan, all the ingredients are things we have in anyway!

  6. Everyone that’s reread Handmaids tale has said the same thing about it, that it feels so relevant now and that’s a bit scary isn’t it? I’m loving the series and so glad they’re making a second series. France sounds so exciting. I always get nervous before a big trip with both the boys but we somehow do it. And that reading pile sounds so good!!

    • I think it’s because this is the first proper holiday we’ve been on in years, just have to remember how to do it all…and this time with kids!! Yours always seem to travel so well, I’m hoping ours will take it in their stride 😉

  7. Lyndsay

    We have just done a road trip to the South if France with our 5 year old. I put together some activities for her, such as making car bingo sheets as well as finding some online travel bingo games, I laminated them and stuck a magnet on the back for her to use with the cookie tray she had. The cookie tray was fantastic for all sorts of activities; she had magnetic numbers and letters she could play with, and she had magnetic small storage tins that she would put on there with stickers in to ensure that she didn’t lose them whilst making a picture. We put a seat back organiser on the back of the front passenger seat for her to keep things like her sunglasses, handheld fan and DVDs in. We also had a plastic caddy for the seat next to her (she’s an only child) where she had her cookie tray, magnetic letters & numbers, notebook, paper, pencil case and book to read. She had a DVD player (we don’t use it all the time, however sometimes it is needed with her incessant question asking. She also had her iPod loaded with plenty of music and audio books. We had audio books in the front too to put on and listen together as a family. She had a cuddly toy and blanket, not that she slept once in the car! We put her Trunki on the floor on her side of the car with a cushion on top so that her legs were raised a bit so that she wasn’t putting too much pressure on her thighs, as they can become painful. I had extra activities hidden away that I would give to her periodically to give her something new to do, as we were in the car for hours at a time. We made sure she had her favourite water bottle to drink from, and took healthy snacks. We tried to stop every 2 1/2 – 3 hours for a loo break, stretch of legs, play on the play areas (in France) and to change driver. One of those stops would also be to eat, more often than not a picnic as we travelled from campsite to campsite. Wishing you all the best for your drive, and have a great holiday.

    • Oh wow, that is so helpful thank you so much! I love the idea of the magnets and travel bingo game. Someone has leant us DVD players but I know they won’t just watch them the whole way so will be great to have some other things to do. We have a car organiser so I think I’ll buy another and work on filling them. Good tip about keeping their feet up too, so many great tips and good to know someone who has done it! We have about a six hour drive once we’re in France, still not as bad as the South but more than we’ve even done before.

  8. That is great that you are enjoying the Magic Lessons podcast. Must check that out. I have watched a couple of episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale it’s really good. Audio books is great. Must look to get those on for the kids while we go away. I hope you have a wonderful trip, sounds amazing xx

    • Thank you, I know we’ll have a fun time it’s just the travelling I’m nervous about! I’m telling everyone about the Magic Lessons podcasts, I really do think they are great for inspiration. xx

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