1. It’s lovely that you got out with all this cold weather! It’s been freezing and icy here in Glasgow so we have not been getting out as much as we would like. He looks nice and cosy in his all in one!

  2. I love the look of your park, perfect for 20 minutes fresh air for the kids on a cold winters day. I am hoping to make a family trip of our Christmas tree buying this weekend too, our local farm shop grows them and is just round the corner so it may be a tractor and trailer job which the kids will love! Delighted you have all managed to get outside this week and have some fun, I love the cold days in the run up to Christmas, or perhaps it is the coming back inside to the warm! It makes me feel good whichever. Thank you for linking up to Country Kids.

    • Our park is amazing and just a couple of minutes from our front door…think it’s an old Victorian park (there may be a blog post in that!)
      Getting Christmas trees with a tractor and trailer sounds great, I can imagine that the kids love picking them out, such a nice thing to do at this time or year. Hope you get a hot chocolate at the end of it all!

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