1. I LOVE Dahl but I have never thought to have it with a Jacket Potato. Sounds like the perfect combo and a great satisfying Winter meal. I am going to have to try these McCain frozen spuds now, they sound ideal to have in the freezer for emergency meals too

  2. We love jacket potatoes but we always have the same three fillings on rotation – cheese, beans and cheese or tuna and sweetcorn. This looks like a great alternative! x

    • It’s so easy to stick to the usual things isn’t it, I always end up eating them with leftovers so we have a few different toppings. Still there is nothing wrong with cheese and beans! xx

  3. Ooh I would never think to put Dahl on top of a jacket potato but we always have some kind of leftover curry as my mum is forever packing us some. I keep seeing these jackets in the shop freezers but haven’t braved trying them yet!

    • Honestly Tas, you should really give them a go! I’m converted and they are so handy to have in for a quick meal – especially if you have curry to go with them, perfect for a warm lunch!

  4. This is my idea of lunch heaven! Our cupboard always has loads of chickpeas in, but I’d always have them with rice, rather than a potato. I am so cynical about frozen potatoes, and I am the same as you. A keen cook, but styling is stressful, and I always think people will find it weird that I’m sharing what I eat…but people obviously are…because I am!!! x

    • I have to admit I’ve been converted to the ways of the frozen potato, makes it so easy for me to make a warm lunch for the twins! I can get a bit bored of rice so this makes a nice change – your food photos always look good when I’ve seen them…I suspect a lot of bloggers are put of blogging about food for the same reasons. Also, I usually eat the food before I take the photo 😉 xx

  5. We use the McCain frozen potatoes about once a week as they are so handy for quick midweek teas. Plus I can never make a decent jacket potato (why do they always taste so much nicer when somebody else makes them). I would never think of putting dahl as a filling but this looks delicious and so easy to make. And your food styling is gorgeous Hayley x

  6. This looks lovely Hayley, I eat these baked potatoes a lot for lunch so I’ll definitely try this topping sometime. I don’t cook many things in the microwave but I agree with you that microwave baked potatoes taste much better than the ones done in the oven – at least the way I make them anyway! By the way you’ve nothing to worry about with your food styling, I think it looks fab! I loved the photo you posted of your little cookies on Instagram the other week! x

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