1. Hello, thanks for your comment at The Mad House. I think the beauty of Christmas books is that you can add to them year in and out. It is wonderful to get them out year after year and create traditions with your little one.

    We do not have a lot of cash this christmas, but it will be spent with family and that is all that matters,

    • I am hoping to build up our collection of Christmas books as the years go on, your collection looks great! We always enjoy spending Christmas with family so I will focus on that. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I think a homemade gift is lovely to receive. I always have great plans for making some, but it usually gets a bit crazy in December and I never get around to doing it. I do spend an afternoon doing some fresh flower arrangements for teachers and the neighbours though.

    • The flowers are a lovely idea, I’m sure that people love getting them! It’s great that you use what you have a talent for, unfortunately I am hopeless with flowers but I’m hoping my cooking skills are up to the task.

  3. i have got some great deals via Groupon for photo gifts which is what my parents and grandparents will be getting from the boys and us. last year i attempted homemade gifts of chutney and biscotti which was fun to do, but i wont have time this year due to our impending move in 2 weeks time. i think people appreciate homemade gifts it shows you have out in a lot of effort and time x x

    • I don’t blame you for not making anything this year, as if your move won’t be stressful enough and right on top of Christmas too! A busy time ahead. Photo gifts are always great when you have lovely children to show off 🙂 xx

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