1. I love seeing blossom on the trees it’s so pretty . That garden looks so lovely and it must be wonderful to see Lucas enjoying the same fun and games within it that his daddy before him did. That blossom is stunning x

    • I really wish I could hunt out a picture of James in the garden when he was younger for a Flashback Friday but he has been surprisingly vague about it 🙂 It is a lovely tree x

  2. What a lovely garden, Lucas looks very tiny next to the blossom tree, here’s to more dry days so the children can spend more time in Grandma’s lovely garden, thanks for linking up to Country Kids.

  3. Such beautiful pictures and a gorgeous garden! My Grandma used to have a big beautiful cherry blossom tree in her garden that we loved to look at and the boys loved to climb. I’m sure it is lovely seeing your little one play in the garden where your husband used to play. I hope summer isn’t too far round the corner xx

    • Thank you, we love to go and play in Grandmas garden, even more so now Lucas has mastered the step so I can relax! Don’t blossom tree’s seem to be special? My friend told me that the Chinese have a tradition of having their pictures taken in from of a blossom tree for good luck, I thought that was lovely x

  4. He loves being outside so much! These photos are so cute, the blossom looks beautiful. I wish Johns nans garden was this pretty

    • I just hope we get some summer so we can take full advantage of Grandma’s garden! Lucas can’t get enough of the outdoors; I’m sure he would enjoy Joan’s garden all the same!

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