• Haha, I don’t envy you! Two teenage girls…at least they will always have one another to look out for. I sometimes wonder if they will ever believe that there parents had crazy teenage years too x

  1. I love finding things like this that have memories and remind me of days gone past. This is just lovely! I love that you take a teapot camping with you! lol. Girl after my own heart – love a good brew x

  2. Awwww I love finding an object and remembering all the happy memories it evokes. Look at you with your pink ribbons in your hair (threads?) you do look young but I love that you are at a festival cleaning out a teapot xx
    Thanks for linking up x

    • I know! What were we thinking taking a teapot! Clearly I was an odd teenager, haha, seems like such a lifetime ago, I wonder what Lucas will make of our old pictures when he is a teenager (eek) x

  3. Ah Quiggins! Both me and my boyfriend loved the old Quiggins, although we didn’t know each other then hehe! The new one(not far from Lime Street station) was never as good 🙁 xx

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