1. This is a beautiful post Hayley. The unexpected can take us on the most wonderful journey & make our lives just that much richer. The photos of the boys at the lakes are so good. There are many adventures to be had upthere

  2. I love the unexpected paths that life sometimes takes us on. Sometimes there are parts of our lives that we would never have chosen for ourselves but they turn out to be some of the best things that ever happen to us. xx

  3. I enjoyed reading your post. Not sure how you do it! Every day must be a challenge. I have two boys under two and I’m trying to persuade hubby that we need one more (not just yet though!) and now I’m thinking, but what if we had twins! I bet it’s one of those things where you just get on with it and then when you look back you will feel proud and think how did I do it?! X

    • Haha – sometimes when we think about having another I think what if it was twins again?! Like you say – there isn’t any other options you just have to get on. It must be tough with two under two as well but I bet you just crack on, there is so much to be enjoyed too xx

  4. Aw this is such a lovely read! What a lovely way to find out and so unexpected too. We have three children too and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Having any more?!

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