1. Those shoes are too cute! Can’t believe that they need them now! Scary! I found the moving phase tough – as it limited where I could go, but made it so much better at home as they could get things themselves! Now everything will need to go up high!! Hide everything! Glad you had a good weekend. Sorry to hear the twins have chicken pox now though 🙁 Get well soon lovely boys xxxx

    • They have been cruising for a while so everything has already had to be out of reach, I think you’re right, getting a little bit more independence helps at home but they will be in that buggy for a while yet I’m afraid! xx

  2. Amazing. Go Lucas. Such an amazing achievement. He really does look proud of himself. Despite swimming with water babies for 3 years Lil G still achieves something each week or two and really does enjoy the celebration afterwards. If only a sticker still worked! x

  3. Clever boy! Elsa has only been swimming once. I feel guilty for not taking her, but I’m not very confident in the water and I don’t think I’d be comfortable looking after her as well. I do want her to learn to swim at an early age though – it’s so important!

    I love his jacket by the way 🙂

  4. Well done Lucas! What a great achievement. LP started swimming in September and is the same as Lucas, some tears, a bit apprehensive etc but she does enjoy it when she settles in x

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