1. Oh gosh I love this SO much. The photo is so adorable but the words gave me goosebumps.
    Me and my brother never really fought, and have always been quite close and a part of me is convinced that it’s because we are twins and that if one of us was a couple of years older we wouldn’t have the relationship that we do.
    It’s lovely reading about the relationship your boys have, I find it fascinating xx

    • I think is is so lovely that you have that close relationship with your twin brother, I just love watching my boys together and seeing how they interact. Twins are so special! Thank you for your lovely comment xx

  2. Natalie @little jam pot life

    Lovely post hayley. It must be amazing to watch your boys grow being so close yet so different. Even though I don’t have twins, I feel this with my three, especially the girls. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. And I know the feeling of having them cling off your legs at the “witching hour”. I always imagined what it would be like to have twins, must be fab. Xxx

  3. Having twins must be incredible, so different and such a gift. It must be wonderful to watch them with each other, that endless bond and their individual growing personalities x

  4. Gorgeous photo, and really shows what their relationship can be like.

    Apart from the obvious double hard work, and double the cost, I always thought I’d have quite liked to have had twins. We have them in my family but on my dad’s side so was going to be unlikely. I assumed I’d have 2 children rather than only N, so twins would have been handy to have in one go. Plus of course the more positives of a ready relationship and link to someone else.

    • I would say all the hard work is worth it, we didn’t expect them but couldn’t imagine not having twins now! It is nice to know that they’ll have someone to go through life with, especially on first day of school etc.

  5. Oh what a lovely post Hayley! You always wonder how genuinely close singleton siblings are too but it’s so lovely that you have and answer in your boys, they are a constant in each other’s lives and that’s so special – lucky boys!

  6. Such a fab photo, Hayley. It’s almost like they’re looking in a mirror. My eldest is obsessed with twins. He’s absolutely fascinated by people that look the same. I’ve suggested that he looks a lot like his little brother and they could pretend to be twins but he wasn’t particularly impressed by the suggestion.

  7. Hi Hayley! I just came across your little space and saw this image of your boys-love! It took me a moment to figure out, then I read that you had twins-ha! I’m so envious, I always wanted twins, I think they are so special. What a gift! Lovely to come across your blog…Jordan

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