1. That photo is beautiful. He looks completely one with nature. As a family we always feel better when we’ve been outside – and LP moans most of the time too! x

  2. We struggle sometimes with N wanting to stay inside (or at home – which means out on the farm). Yes that’s outdoors, but it’s so samey, and I don’t want N only knowing the farm and thinking it’s normal to permanently be tied to the farm.

    This is a great photo, it’s great to see kids enjoying outdoors

    • Having the farm to explore must be great but I know what you mean, that is just normal for him so nice to go an experience something different. I think as they get older they just need a little more coaxing!

  3. Wow, Hayley, it looks like a photo from a ‘Visit England’ campaign. It’s amazing. I’m a big fan of taking the boys outdoors as much as possible. I think it’s good for them. And for me. Way better than being stuck indoors all the time.

    • Ah Rachel, you have totally made my day with that comment! It was a total fluke too as it was only on my iPhone and I couldn’t really see the screen. I just love getting photos of them outdoors, always inspired by your lovely photos xx

  4. I also LOVE that quote and of course this beautiful photo. I’m always rambling on about how much I love spending time outdoors, and you’ve captured my thoughts about my role as a parent in showing Lyla all about nature as well.

    • Oh your photos of Lyla outdoors as so beautiful, you can so tell that you feel the same as you both just look like you have so much fun exploring together, I love it!

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