1. Oh I love the Walker Art Gallery my little girl really enjoys going, we could easily spend a whole day there. Sounds like you had a lovely day together x x

  2. Sounds like a perfect mum and son day, I think as you say sometimes they are just crying out for it aren’t they. Lucas sounds a lot like Sam, always pushing and having good and bad weeks. Thank goodness for the good ones hey! Xx

  3. Gorgeous boy – I don’t believe you for one second that cute innocent face pushes you? ha ha! Gorgeous mumma you are and so lovely you spent some Mother and son tie together. I REALLY need to explore Liverpool at some point in my life! Xxx

  4. Aww he sounds wonderful and that school report must have made you very proud 🙂 I wonder if 4 brings with it a lot of its own challenges. I know z has been like that this year, pushing the boundaries a lot. But you’re right, the amount they are learning in such a short space of time is amazing

  5. Ah so lovely Hayley, yes Joe wears his heart on his sleeve too, as do I as you just need to get it all out there then you feel better. Lucas has settled so well in School bless him it is such an exciting but daunting time x

  6. Little ones just love a milkshake don’t they. Our boys sound so similar. We had a similar school report. It is all dependant on him. Which I kind of love. Like you I love my days just us, Lil G screams out for it too. I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend x #LittleLoves

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