1. Ahhh Hayley I love this month’s family capture. How big have the twins got? Wow! You all have such great style. This is so awesome. My favorite family photo of yours. Just lovely. #meandmine

  2. I love your family photo! I haven’t been doing Me And Mine for long, so I’m happy to hear your tip about balancing the camera on the pushchair 😉 fingers crossed the sun will come out again soon! xx

  3. I love the balance the camera on the pushchair trick – it’s stood in for a tripod in many of my photos – and I just love this picture, it’s so happy and summery!

    • Oh you should join in Sarah, I joined part way through the year and although it can sometimes be difficult to get the photo I love having them there to look back on! xx

    • Thanks Rachel…there is a post coming along to go with the new me but it’s taking me a while 🙂 It’s not too bad to look at photos of myself now though! xx

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