1. Lovely pictures! Noah’s starting his year too. I just dropped him off for a stay and play session with his new teacher and he seemed really nervous. He only just turns 4 tomorrow, so he seems so little to be going up to school! Ooo… I was thinking of finding a yoga class too. Enjoy 🙂 xx

  2. So cute. I love these pictures honey. The one with the ice cream made me chuckle. I think you are right about a picnic, George will sit and eat! Yay for that. Your June sounds much like mine in terms of being emotional. Eek. #meandmine x x

  3. AAAAAAAH How grown up are the twins? In the first one I thought that the little dude on the left was Lucas, I think it’s cause he is sat in front he just looks really big. These are gorgeous, summery photos Hayley. You must be proud as punch with all your boys. x

  4. Hayley, you’re so gorgeous! Those sunnies look amazing on you. And I love the ‘realness’ in the family photos, it’s how we live, so the best way to create memories. I have a special fondness for these type of photos xx

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