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When I was asked if my boys would like to try out an item from the House Of Fraser toys department it couldn’t have come at a better time. Lucas wasn’t well and we were facing a week off pre-school. I knew a new toy would help to make the week run a little smoother so I was eager to have a look around the House of Fraser website.

I must admit that I don’t usually consider House of Fraser when I’m looking for toys but I will in the future. I found their website easy to navigate with plenty of filters so I could narrow down what I was looking for. The prices were very competitive and they had a great selection of toys from recognisable brands. At first I thought I might get a craft set or some Playdoh but I wanted something that all the boys could play with. There were so many great toys aimed at pre-schoolers and a lot of toy brands that I love, I was spoiled for choice. In the end I wanted something that would become a part of our toy collection for a few years.

House of Fraser Toys Review

Duplo 1

I finally decided on Lego Duplo Creative Building Box; we already have a few Duplo sets and I knew that it would be a favourite with my boys. Even at 14 months the twins can enjoy it and at 3 and a half Lucas very much enjoys building with it. I chose the mixed box so there was something for everyone and it is a a creative pack so a little more open-ended for imaginative play. It is ideal for Lucas who has endless imagination; he spent hours playing and we built little houses, trees, gardens, roads, shops, cars. I let him have a play while the twins were napping so he could have some peace to build! When the twins came to it they love to pick up the blocks and scatter them, occasionally they will put them together and they like to build up the blocks with wheels on the bottom for scooting around. The bricks that have details on, such as ice cream or sea shells, really do grab their attention and this creative box has a fabulous range of Duplo bricks.

I love that this is a toy which will grow with them. It is suitable for all of them and isn’t small enough that I have to worry when the twins are playing. The building aspect of it is fantastic as all of them love construction (the twins are more into the destruction side of it at the moment!) and it I love that it really opens up Lucas’ imagination. He used some of the pictures on the box to start building but after that he just created whatever he fancied. We had lots of towers and started to make a little town. The Duplo people had a house that they welcomed each other into, the doors and windows were particularly exciting for him! Although he is quiet while he is building once he starts playing he chatters non-stop, speaking the voices for the people. As his speech development was late, I’m always very keen to pick toys that encourage him to speak more so this was perfect.

House of Fraser Toys

Duplo 5

Duplo 6

Duplo 8

As with all Lego products you know you are getting a high-quality toy that is good value for money; everyone remembers Lego from their childhood and you know it stands the test of time. Duplo is durable, stimulating and I love that you can build up the collection so there is something for everyone to play with. This set is perfect for either starting a collection or adding to an existing one.  The Lego Duplo Creative Building Box is available from House of Fraser and is currently priced at £25.00.

Disclosure: I was sent the Lego Duplo Creative Building box for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. Oh this looks so fun. We have those enormous beginner legos for babies but I’ve been thinking of buying these regular lego kits where they actually build stuff. This looks perfect!!!!

  2. It looks like a lot of fun – Duplo is one of my absolute favourite toys for our three – as you say, they can all play with it without me worrying what they’re eating!!

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