1. These products look pretty awesome. My only concern is the spray. I’ve never read why, but I see doctors and websites freaking out that we should never use spray sun screen on children. No clue why, though. But over the years I’ve seen these CAUTION things all over the place.

    • Oh really, I have never heard of that, I wonder why? There are never any warnings on our sprays and it seems safe but something to consider if there are cautions on them. I couldn’t do without it now…Lucas actually laughs when we put in on him!

  2. This sounds so good and really gentle. I think my husband would keep trying to steal a bit as he has eczema so always gets the child friendly, chemical free ones!

    • It is so nice and very reasonable I think compared to some others, it’s always nice to know you are using sun cream without any nasties in. I’ve heard good things about P20 too but I don’t like to change the boys stuff that often, maybe for me instead 🙂 xx

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