1. You can’t go wrong with Pizza. The menu sounds great & I am not surprised that James went for the black dough – he does like to try the obscure. We will have to pop in next time we are up.

  2. Hayley this looks so tasty, and ooh black crust I would have tried that. Our two love pizza so this would always be there choice , but its great to visit a nice pizza restaurant and they look so tasty x

  3. Love the name of the restaurant. My husband adores pizza and this sounds right up his street. I think I would try the black dough pizza if we went as sounds delicious. I might need to pencil in a visit next time we are in Liverpool. Great review x

  4. Lucas looks so happy and grown up, bless him. I’d totally go for the charcoal crust too just to try it!!!
    Its never somewhere I ever think of because we usually head to the Liverpool one because it’s easy. Think we’ll give this a go next time xXx

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