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The Night Before Christmas Box

This Christmas is going to be a very exciting one for our family; not only is is the twin’s first Christmas but Lucas is starting to understand what Christmas is all about. I really want to make it magical for him as now we actually are creating his childhood memories. There are little Christmas traditions we have picked up from our own childhood but I’m always on the look out for new ones especially for our family. Luckily for us we were sent a lovely ‘The Night Before Christmas’ box from A Box Of Treasure and we have been able to try out this week. A Box Of Treasure has been set up by a mum of young children who wanted to find a way to not only record special memories but to interact with them as well.

Inside Christmas Box

The Night Before Christmas Box is designed especially for Christmas Eve: it is a lovely festive red box, tied with a ribbon, that comes with a ‘make your own’ bauble kit including mini jingle bells, decorations, magic fairy dust and paper to write a wish on. There is also a bag of reindeer food and plenty of space for you to add your own things. Lucas and I were both very excited to open the box up when it arrived and he carefully looked over the little bags of decorations and reindeer food and was very pleased when he learnt he would be making his own bauble. With him not quite yet understanding his wish I chose one for all three of our boys: a wish for a White Christmas! You could also write the child’s feelings that Christmas or something they were particularly looking forward to, such as Grandma’s trifle!

As I wrote out the wish, Lucas filled the bauble with the seasonal decorations and added the jingle bells. I explained we needed to add the special magic dust and I was pleased it was packaged so carefully in a little plastic bag so the glitter was easy to empty into the bauble. We added our wish and fastened it up ready to hang on our Christmas tree. This was such a sweet activity to do with Lucas and he absolutely loved getting involved. It is something I could see us doing together every year and involving Arthur and Brandon too when they are old enough. It will be nice to look back and see their wishes each year and record their memories. I also like how the box comes packaged with such lovely attention to detail: from the coloured organza bags to the stamped labels, everything has been given such thought.

Box of Treasure

Night Before Christmas Box Contents

BaubleChristmas Bauble Make a Wish

I think that on Christmas Eve we would add a mince pie, a carrot for Ruldolph, our magic Father Christmas key (as we don’t have a chimney) and maybe a treat for the children before bed. There is plenty of space to add extra items so you could add whatever suits your family. It would also be perfect for a Christmas memory box; after Christmas I intend pack it away with our wish for that year and any other mementos or photos of our festive period. One of my favourite things about Christmas is making it special for my children; it can be such a magical time of year for little ones and extra touches, like The Night Before Christmas box, help to make it so memorable. I just loved watching Lucas’ face light up as he opened to box and got put together his very own bauble. It left us feeling quite festive and we may have watched a sneaky Christmas film afterwards. I can just imagine doing this together as a family on Christmas Eve, hanging the bauble’s on the tree and setting out the treats for Father Christmas and his reindeer.

The Christmas Eve Box is available from A Box Of Treasure priced at £12.95.]

Disclaimer – I was sent The Night Before Christmas box to review. All thoughts and opinions are always my own.



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  1. This is a lovely idea, we do the christmas eve box with our 3 year old, I have a post going up next week on it. I love this for other children as the contents we pop in ours are worth more than this price so could be great as a gift x

    • Yes I thought it would be nice as a gift too, we usually have a Christmas Eve box but I think that is more personal for each family whereas this could be given as a lovely keepsake for Christmas. Looking forward to reading about your Christmas Eve box xx

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