1. Gorgeous post and I absolutely agree, the best moments are often unplanned and of the simplest form. Your boys sound like they have the sweetest relationship. Lazy sunny nights in the garden are absolutely fabulous x x #TheOrdinaryMoments

  2. Hayley I love these pics and your garden is deffs a step up from mine! haha Yes I couldn’t agree more how lovely it is to have warm sunny evenings, no agenda and just let the good times roll – May there be many more ahead xx

  3. Lovely photos Hayley – a sunny day is all we need to lift our moods. Looks like you all had a lot of fun relaxing in your garden & I agree that sometimes you might plan what you think will be the best day out but often just staying at home can be all the adventure you need

  4. Hayley such a beautiful post, Chris and I have years of happy memories sat in the garden in the sun watching the boys play, it is so wonderful to watch them laugh and explore and just as good as any day out. Its the family time that is important x

  5. Gorgeous photos Hayley- I truly think these might by my most favourite of ordinary moments. I love nothing better than being in the garden when the sun is shining- I bet you must feel so content and proud as punch to sit back and watch your gorgeous boys playing together. x

  6. Spontaneous moments are definitely always the best. No expectations means no let down and the freedom to just enjoy yourself 🙂

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