1. A huge Happy Birthday to your wonderful little big boy and I hope you all had a great time time yesterday. That cake you made is SO good, I bet it got polished off within seconds. And Happy 4 years of being a mummy to you. Raising 3 little ones does not seem like an easy task and you do it so so well, it is bound to be hard sometimes but I think you’re a fabulous and amazing mum to your 3 boys xx

  2. He sounds like just the most gorgeous little boy and it’s wonderful hearing about him and how he is developing and maturing as he is so very close in age to LP. I’ll be interested to see how he gets on at school but I am sure he will do fine! Happy Birthday! x

    • I know, their birthday’s are right next to each other aren’t they? I bet they’d get on so well if they ever met. I hope LP loves the start of school, seems scary sending them off straight after they turn four! xx

    • Thanks Clare, I know! I was amazed to find another blogger who had a son with the exact same birthday. Lucas has absolutely loved school thank you. I had worried about him before and read your post about your own August baby and realised that I should try and relax! I am a summer baby myself after all xx

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