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This Sunday I spent the day in the company of many, many other bloggers at Blog On 2014 held in the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. When I ordered my tickets many months ago I didn’t think too much about it then suddenly, from out of nowhere the day had arrived and I was so nervous. It’s a strange thing because although I have never met anyone there before I feel like I know them; I know about their families, their days out, what they do, what they feel, what makes them happy; I think I know more about some bloggers than I do real life friends! I had seen so many people say how good last years Blog On was and that it is super friendly but even so, I nervously stood waiting to sign in sure that I would be left on my own which actually couldn’t be further from the truth. I’d only been there a couple of minutes and I was anxiously looking around to see if I recognised anyone when I got chatting to a lady stood in the queue, Karen Barlow, from then on there was always someone to meet and catch up with.


Keynote from Collective Bias


The day was split into three sessions with plenty of time to have a good chat inbetween. I found all the sessions very useful! All week I had been excited to see Lucy from Capture By Lucy talk about use of props in photography and she definitely did not disappoint. I came away with so many ideas and I know a lot of bloggers who are raiding the DIY stores for wallpaper samples as we speak! She is so passionate about photography and styling that you can’t help but feel inspired to give it a go. Also she is just a lovely, friendly person, so happy to help and she’s going to pop her cheat sheet or her blog so check it out. I also listened to the Mobile Photography chat by Vanessa from HMPcQ and she gave us some great advice about editing on a mobile and showed us her favourite apps, I’ve been losing way too much time playing with photos this week!


Lucy’s amazing props / Vanessa demonstrating apps / Styling ideas


Our next session was social media and I sat on the Facebook table and got lots of great ideas from Jennifer, My Mummies Pennies; I don’t do enough with my Facebook page so I’ll be using her advice to improve on it. I really enjoyed Rebecca from Here Come The Girls talk about using Pinterest; I love Pinterest and use it all the time but mostly just for myself so I’m looking forward to using it more alongside my blog. I would have loved to have listened to them all if I had the time but I think these are the areas where I learnt the most as Jennifer said it’s better to use a couple of social media channels really well rather than try to do them all and fail.

The last session I went to was Creative Copy with Actually Mummy, Northern Mum and AResidence. I loved this so much, it was really informal, just questions and answers about how to better your writing, and how important it is to really value your own content. There is no better motivation to up your creativity than listening to these three ladies talk, I think everyone learnt a lot from this session.

What I loved most about the day was just chatting to fellow bloggers, it’s nice to be somewhere were you can talk to your hearts content about blogging. I had the chance to meet some bloggers who I felt like I knew through twitter and reading their lovely blogs, But Why Mummy Why, Not My Year Off, Let’s Talk Mommy, Plasticrosaires, Three Years and Home; all as fantastic in real life as I thought they’d be!  Also got the chance to meet some lovely ladies who I get to add to my ever growing Bloglovin list; Not a Frumpy Mum, Wife Mum Student Bum, Farmers Wife and Mummy, We’re Going On An Adventure, so friendly and lovely to talk to. It absolutely made my day to meet Katie from MummyDaddyMe; I’ve been reading her fantastic blog for years, well before I even thought of doing it myself, so it was pretty exciting to chat to her. There were so many people I would have loved to have talked to but the day just flew.

The day also gave us a chance to meet and chat to some brands and it was lovely to catch up with The Essential One as I have just loved their clothes for the babies, they had some yummy cupcakes too! I was even lucky enough to win a voucher in their competition so I will have two very well dressed twin boys soon.

Goody Bags

So many goodies!


I totally failed and hardly took any photos but in fairness it was a very busy day. If you are thinking of going next year then I would thoroughly recommend it, it was so friendly and relaxing. I didn’t shut up about it for several days, much to the annoyance of my family but I think I made it up to them with the epic goody bags! I’m still basking in a happy blogger glow several days later. The whole conference is organised by the amazing Tired Mummy of Two, thank you for putting together such a fun event, I’m already looking forward to next year!


Blog On


  1. Thanks so much for the mention- it was lovely to meet you too and glad I didn’t come across as some kind of strange oddball (too much anyway haha). I was so thrilled when you won the voucher 🙂 x

  2. Was so great to finally meet you and you’re just as lovely in real life as you are on Twitter and your blog. It was a great day wasn’t it? I was shattered by the time I got home and wanted to sneak off to bed 🙂

  3. Thanks for the mention, it was so lovely to meet you and spend some time chatting. Your photos are fab, I didn’t manage to take any, big blogger fail in my part. And was lovely to meet your little man, he’s gorgeous xx

    • Thanks, Lucas had a great day and totally tired my mum out 🙂 I’m so glad I had you to chat to and pleased to make some blogging friends. We’ll be pros for next year now xx

    • Please do, I’m gutted we didn’t get to chat more though, especially as I saw you one the way in and didn’t realise it was you! We will know for next time now 🙂

    • Oh it is really good, I was really dreading it but it is so friendly and much smaller than other events so you don’t feel too over-whelemed! It’s nice to be with other people who ‘get’ blogging 🙂 xx

  4. It was one of the highlights of my day meeting you honestly. You are just as lovely as i knew you would be. It was a great day, and make sure you come to Brit Mums next year! I will look after you. 😉 x

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